Alumni Donated RMB 30 Million Supporting School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation

September 16, 2019 (Reporter: Cheng Yanan) On the afternoon of September 4, alumni of the School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, who graduated in 1999, donated RMB 30 million to support the construction of a new building. The donation ceremony was hosted by the Vice President Zhan Yiqing. Prof. SHAO Xinyu the HUST Chancellor, and Prof. LI Yuanyuan the President attended.

Shao Xinyu emphasized in his speech that the university is committed to becoming an institute of morality, quality and taste, while building a community of common development, shared emotion and values with the alumni. Striving for a top-notch college and disciplines worldwide, the university will facilitate the construction of the new building for the School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation as soon as possible.

On behalf of the University, President Li Yuanyuan expressed gratitude to the alumni for their donation. He stressed that the alumni donation is not only material support, but also spiritual support. This donation exemplified how the alumni give back to their Alma mater, how entrepreneurs fulfill their social responsibilities and support the cause of education. On the developments of talent training, scientific research, scientific and technological innovation among other aspects, Li Yuanyuan conveyed the hope to further strengthen the cooperation with enterprises of the alumni, thus giving full play to the advantages of the University in terms of manpower and human intelligence.

Hui Xiaojun, a donor representative of Automatic Control Class 956, said that he felt honored to be able to return to and even contribute to the development of his Alma mater since the graduation 20 years ago. Recalling the time when he studied in HUST, he said that he not only learned professional knowledge and participated in engineering practice, but also received the edification of humanistic quality education, which benefited him all his life. Hui Xiaojun believed that his Alma mater will surely prosper in the future.

Vice President Xu Xiaodong signed the donation agreement with alumni representatives and accepted donation check on behalf of the University. Xu Xiaodong presented the donation plaque to the alumni representatives.

Filled with pride in alumni achievements, Zeng Zhigang, Dean of the School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, gave his thanks for their support and pledged to build a better School, justifying the great trust.

The event was attended by related personnel of Alumni Office, Education and Development Funds Office and the School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation. Teacher representatives were also present.

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