Focus on Alma Mater: Movie Science Geek launched

September 25, 2019
 (Ma Jieying/Student Journalist Association of HUST) - On the afternoon of September 21, Movie Science Geek Launching Ceremony took place at the lecture hall of Wutongyu Academic Exchange Centre, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). The movie features the stories of HUST's alumni, faculty and students.


Present were HUST's leaders, including Shao Xinyu, Li Yuanyuan, Xu Xiaodong and Liang Qian; Li Peigen, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Wu Tianyong, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee; Wang Zhe, Chief Planner of Science Geek, as well as over 150 representatives from HUST's alumni boards across the country.

Shao Xinyu, the HUST Chancellor, delivered an address. He noted that "Science geks" represent the image of HUST's simple, cheerful, shy, innocent, low-key, pragmatic and self-motivated alumni. With scientific spirit, humanistic quality and the feelings of healers, they have made remarkable achievements in all walks of life and all over the world, devoted themselves to the nation, and won glory for their Alma Mater. He stressed that telling the stories of science geeks is telling the stories of alumni, the stories of HUST and the stories of China.

Li Yuanyuan, the President of HUST, announced the launch of Science Geek.

 Photo/Ai Hongyi (trainee reporter)/Student Journalist Association of HUST

Wang Zhe explained his motive to create this movie. During a dinner in Beijing, several alumni members said that they should shoot a movie about the Alma Mater since they can shoot movies for others? Then Science Geek emerged.

Science Geek is based on alumni's experiences. During preparation, the creator interviewed over 30 alumni members. According to screenwriter Wang Hailin, HUST's alumni have a lot of lively and interesting stories beyond our imagination. The movie story has two lines: one is campus life in the 1980s; and the other is the development of the current era and the changes of personal fate. Set in the backdrop of the reform and opening-up, the movie shows the studies, entrepreneurship and growth of Chinese elite through the youth of HUST's alumni.

With the completion of actor recruitment, film shooting, film production and other procedures over the next year, Science Geek is expected to hit the screen during the 2020 Spring Festival. As one of the few campus films in China, it has been backed by a number of outstanding alumni.

Some photos were contributed by the crew of Science Geek

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