2020 HUST graduation ceremony held, gathering participants online and offline

June 30, 2020

On June 21, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) Graduation Ceremony 2020 took place in Optics Valley Gymnasium. 7,005 undergraduates, 6,271 graduate students, 948 doctoral students and 287 international students gathered together at the “Virtual Ceremony" and witnessed the glorious moment through online and offline interaction.

President Li Yuanyuan delivered a speech entitled Brave the Obstacles and Embark on a New Journey. “With the heavy Yujia Mountain and the warm East Lake, it’s hard to say goodbye, and yet we expect you to set sail for a bright future.”Reviewing the major achievements of HUST over recent years, Li Yuanyuan expressed his gratitude to the medical staff, scientific research team, faculty and students, and alumni worldwide on the front line fighting against the pandemic. He also led teachers and students present to rise and stand in silent tribute in honor of the martyrs and compatriots who had lost their life to COVID-19. Li Yuanyuan said that the special efforts and selfless dedication of HUST will become valuable spiritual wealth, which will be engraved on the school’s record of merits and forever inspire HUST students in the future. Li also extended warm invitation to all the graduates unable to attend the ceremony, welcoming them back to the university for commencements in the future.

Zhang Lei, a graduate and doctoral student from Tongji Medical College of HUST, delivered a speech on behalf of students. "At HUST, I have learned to be a ‘warrior in white', eyes always trimming with tears for life, a 'promising young man' striving for my ideals in life, and an 'ardent young man' keeping fighting and forging forward", Having pursued studies in HUST for 10 years, he said that he would bear in mind the school motto, remember the oaths as a medical worker and surge forward.


"I'm a foreigner, but I'm not an outsider." Kong Lin, a Peruvian graduate student of School of Economics, expressed her love for HUST, Wuhan and China on behalf of international students. She recollected her undergraduate and graduate studies in HUST through a video, and said that in the future she would continue to adhere to the strict standards for a HUST student and produce two papers as the Chinese students do: an academic paper on Peru-China trade and a practical paper making contributions to a community of shared future for mankind with the professional knowledge.

Given the fight against the pandemic, Hu Yu, the teacher representative and President of Union Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of HUST told the graduates: you should remember the lesson of fighting against COVID-19, and draw spiritual wealth from it; you should bear in mind HUST’s instructions and your mentor’s teachings while forging ahead and endeavoring to be the best version of yourself in the youth.


Zhou Yunjie, the alumni representative graduating from School of Materials Science and Engineering in 1988 and the President of Haier Group, shared his reflections on growth with the graduates through a video. He said that altering courses would need no magnificence but speed; he advised improving and integrating IQ, EQ and AQ to build up the competitive spirit; he suggested walking with those having a common goal and sticking to the chosen direction.



After the graduation ceremony, university leaders and school heads conferred degrees one by one on graduates on the spot, turned the tassel, shook hands and took group photos.

The ceremony was broadcast live through multiple online platforms including the People's Daily app, HUST’s official WeChat account, Sina Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou,, Bilibili, etc.

【Photos by Xin Guosheng, Zhu Biyong, Yang Long, Ren Yong and Wu Baohong.】


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