Over 9000 new HUST graduates register today

September 1, 2020

HUST has been welcoming over 9 thousand graduate newcomers in September, most of them under the age of 25.

Zimin Li, born in 1998, and Hengyang Liu, born in 1999, were senior students at HUST. During the pandemic, they completed their graduation projects at home, obtained their postgraduate recommendations to HUST and joined the research team in the Center for Advanced Electrical Machines & Drives (CAEMD) of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Back to the familiar campus, they both can't wait to meet their tutors and classmates and devote themselves to a new stage of study.

Zimin Li said: "The shirt I’m wearing is a graduation souvenir designed by our fellow undergraduate students. I think it’s very memorable. Today I chose this shirt to wear because I want to pass my vigour and seriousness during my undergraduate period on to my postgraduate studies and further scientific research to make new achievements."

Hengyang Liu, now a postgraduate student in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, said that: "I hope I can fare well in scientific research in my postgraduate career, and exert myself as a postgraduate."

Jixuan Jiang, a postgraduate student in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, also a member of the Postgraduates Voluntary Teaching Corps of HUST, had devoted herself to volunteer teaching in Xinjiang Province until recently after the pandemic waned in April,

She said: "The pandemic occurred when I was not in Wuhan. Seeing that everyone raised their helping hand to the city, I felt very warm. Now back to campus, I want to develop a solid foundation of professional knowledge in my postgraduate career, live a fulfilling and unforgettable life, and contribute to society in the future. "

Altogether 9619 graduate students have been admitted to HUST in 2020, including 7626 master students and 1993 doctoral students. For newcomers, HUST has one-stop service prepared for them. 24-hour pick-up service at the three major railway stations and the airport in Wuhan are provided after arrival and health information of the newcomers is collected. When they arrive, they can take the school bus to the dormitory with a verified ID card and health code at the main gate. Faculties also set up volunteer teams to help newcomers with check-in procedures.

Jin Chen, Chair of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Council said that:” We welcome students from around the world to Wuhan, a heroic, inclusive and now the safest city in China. Opting for Wuhan and for HUST is a choice, I think they would never regret.”

Yinren Ma, director of the Student Education Office in Graduate School of HUST said that, according to statistics, about 70% to 80% of students will be back today. He also said that the students must have gained a more profound perception of life after Covid-19.

Written by: Yutao Cao

Edited by: Shengyuan Ma, Tony, Yumeng Peng

SourceWuhan Broadcasting and Television Station

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