HUST Won the 6th WHU-HUST Dragon Boat Race

October 1, 2017

HUST Won the 6th WHU-HUST Dragon Boat Race

HUST Won the 6th WHU-HUST Dragon Boat Race

On May 30ththe traditional dragon boat festival day, the East Lake welcomed the 6thdragon boat race between Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Early at 8 am, 4 racing boats were ready at the starting point. The stands had already been occupied by cheer teams of both sides. People were drumming, horning, waving caps and flags, cheering for their hero team.

The race, which kicked off at 9:40am, is composed of three parts, male- 200-meter, male-female-500-meter and male-800-meter.

HUST won the male-200 with a record of 44’18”, while Wuhan University crossed the finish line at 49’85”.

In the male-female-500, HUST narrowly won out WUH with a record of 2’0’’44.

22 members of each team participated in the final male-800. With the 22 paddles moved in u

nison, HUST team led the way to the final line in 2’57”78, while WUH 3’07”27.

HUST won Grand Champion of the 6thdragon boat race. President Prof. Ding Lieyun extended his congratulation and appreciation to the team.

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