US Consul General in Wuhan Visited HUST

January 21, 2016

In the afternoon of October 28th, US Consul General in Wuhan- Joseph Zadrozny visited HUST with the company of Public Affairs Consul-Jamie Dragon. At the invitation of Consul General, Lu Gang the Chairman of the University Board had a meeting with them.

Lu Gang highlighted HUST ‘s main characteristics and its state-of –art science & technology platforms as well as research institutes. He pointed out that the time since reform and opening had witnessed close cooperation between HUST and many US Universities & research institutions. Now HUST has established cooperation with US universities including MIT with frequent reciprocal exchange of professors on lecturing and joint research, and the Confucius Institute co-founded by HUST and Wayne State University has also been widely applauded.  He expressed that there is still much room for win-win cooperation between HUST and US universities in engineering, medical science and natural science and hoped that US consulate General would further facilitate the cooperation between HUST and US universities and research institutes.

Joseph Zadrozny introduced the development and planning of US Consulate General in Wuhan, in the hope that HUST will make full use of its resources to explore more modes of cooperation. The consulate General will show positive support to HUST professor’s Participation in the project of US National Science Foundation and the US government. Joseph expressed that US consulate general in Wuhan would further support the US-China clean energy research and other education exchange programs, and it would invite more US officials to Wuhan and HUST to get to know the cooperation in scientific research & education.

Aimed at the common status of US and China as the nation consuming large amounts of coal, Lu Gang introduced the achievements HUST has made in US-China Clean Energy Research. At present, HUST has made two significant achievements as the leading unit of Clean Coal Technology Alliance. One is that HUST Professor Zheng Chuguang has created the new record of a Carbon Dioxide Concentration of 82% in the 35 mega watt oxygen enriched combustion demonstration equipment. The other is that as the responsible person on China’s side of IPR expert panel and uniting US IPR experts, HUST professor Xu Xiang has formed a united framework document within the three alliances of US-China Clean Energy Research Center, which made US and China reach an agreement on the IPR in energy areas and won the applaud of both governments. Lu Gang suggested that US Consulate General in Wuhan should further their understanding of HUST’s research facility and achievement in this area, thus pushing forward the deeper cooperation between the two sides.

He Gang, Vice director of the International Exchange Center and Luo Xiaobin, Vice Dean of School of International Education attended the meeting.

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