Prof. Hideo Hosono at Institute of Ceramics, Tokyo Tech appointed as honorary professor of HUST

Apr 22, 2019 (Correspondent: Ji Xianxian) On April 10, Hideo Hosono, a professor at the Institute of Ceramics, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) and a foreign fellow of the Royal Society, UK visited Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) and was appointed as a honorary professor of HUST. Chen Jianguo, Vice President of HUST presented a letter of appointment to Hideo Hosono.

The appointment ceremony took place at the Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO). Chen introduced the history and research center of HUST, compared the relations between Stanford University and Silicon Valley to the relations of co-fusion and symbiosis between WNLO and the "Optics Valley of China". HUST has attached great importance to cooperating with Japanese universities and research institutes, said he, hoping to promote cooperation through exchanges and achieve win-win through cooperation.

Zhou Jun, Deputy Director of WNLO introduced the academic achievements of Hosono. Hosono researches on inorganic materials and nano-superconducting materials, inorganic optical materials and electronic materials, nuclear magnetic resonance and transparent oxide semiconductors. He developed IGZO technology and discovered iron-based superconductors, was listed among Thomson Reuters Citation Laureates in 2013 and won the Japan Prize in 2016.

Hosono expressed gratitude for being appointed by HUST and recognized the fast response of Chinese scholars after discovering iron-based superconducting technology. He noted that it is the fast response of Chinese scholars that has made the achievement sweep the world and the most-cited paper in the world that year. He narrated his close relations with WNLO in research and talent training, expected for the further progress of Xiao Zewen who has returned to join WNLO, and added that he would conduct joint research with HUST, contribute to the world, endeavor to overcome world problems, and facilitate the close exchanges between HUST and Tokyo Tech.

Following the meeting, Hosono visited the showroom of WNLO. Prof. Xiao showed Hosono around.

Hideo Hosono, a professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Founding Director of the Element Strategic Research Center, a foreign fellow of the Royal Society, UK and a most cited researcher. He has won awards such as Japan Prize, Von Hippel Award (the Materials Research Society's highest honor), APS James McGroddy Prize for New Materials, SID's Jan Rajchman Prize and Thomson Reuters Citation Laureates; has published over 1,000 SCI papers including 18 Nature papers, 3 Science papers, 6 PNAS papers, 30 JACS papers, 19 PRL papers, 117 PRB papers, 98 APL papers, 60 JAP articles and 13 Adv. Mater. papers; has won 20 international patents and 90 domestic patents, has not won 49 international patents yet; has achieved over 120,000 Google academic citations(including patents) and an H-index of 127.

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