Campus Network Enables Seamless Login

Nov 11, 2020

Seamless login is a technology which allows electronic devices to maintain connectivity when roaming between associated WIFI networks. A user will be automatically authorized via the credentials held on their device rather than having to login again when they re-visit a venue.

The campus network (HUST_WIRELESS) enables seamless login. Both the student account and the staff account supports the binding of two seamless-login devices. Two seamless-login devices can gain access to the campus network concurrently.

How to login seamlessly

1. Choose HUST_WIRELESS on the cellphone or laptop you are using

2. Enter the username and password in the login page

3. Seamless login will be automatically enabled after the first successful login, and the device will bound as a seamless-login device.

4. Being bound, devices will login to HUST_WIRELESS automatically, without another login being required.

Source: University Network Center

Written by: Yikang Liu, Andrew, Yumeng Peng

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