Notice on Sports Carnival on March 13

Mar 12, 2021

To all international students:

Hust will hold Sports Carnival on March 13 (Rain delay further notice).

1. Location

HUST Center playground (Entrance: Gate No.1; Exit: Gate No.6)

2. Activity Process

09:00—09:30 Carnival opening ceremony

09:30—11:30 Funs Games

11:30—12:00 the first lucky draw

12:00—14:00 Rest

14:00—16:00 Funs Games

16:00—16:30 the second lucky draw

3. Others

a. Please wear mask and get punch card coupons with your campus card/student ID card at Gate No. 1 of the playground of the center. The tickets will be admitted on a first-come-first-served basis.

b. Get the punch card coupons for the morning (orange) and afternoon (blue) fun contests.

c. Each item can win up to 3 stickers (according to the actual rules of the item), and the corresponding prizes can be redeemed at the lottery office by the number of stickers on the punch card.

d. If you have collected 10 or more stickers, you can participate in the lucky draw. You can submit the lucky draw slip at 11:00 a.m. and 15:30 p.m., and the lottery will be drawn half an hour later on the rostrum of the central playground.

International Student Office

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