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HUST high-quality papers in 2019 significantly increase

Jan 4, 2021

On December 29th, 2020, the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC) held an online press conference in Beijing to release the statistical results for compiled data on Chinese scientific and technological papers in 2019.

The relevant data report relating to our university's high-quality paper output in 2019 is as follows: 4,855 papers from HUST were indexed by China's outstanding scientific and technological papers, making HUST fifth among Chinese universities, which was an increase of 1 place over last year, with an overall increase of 1,273 papers. 1,150 journal articles from HUST were indexed by SCI (Science Citation Index Extended Edition) top 1/10 journals of impact factor papers . HUST continues to rank 4th in China. According to SCI, HUST’s scientific and technological scholars published 1,484 international collaborative papers as the first author, and HUST continues to rank 5th among the universities in China, with an increase of 357 papers over the previous year.

In 2019, the number of international scientific and technological papers published by HUST’s scholars as the first author and the first institution indexed by SCI totaled 6,156 papers, with HUST continuing to rank 5th within the rankings of Chinese higher education institutions. The number of papers increased by 812, compared with the previous year. The 33,638 papers from HUST indexed by SCI from 2010 to 2019 were cited 560,289 times, and the institution continues to rank sixth in China.

In 2019, a total of 2962 papers from HUST were indexed by the "China Science and Technology Papers and Citation Database" (CSTPCD) , which saw the institution rise to 6th in Chinese university rankings, a significant improvement of 4 places compared with the previous year; 3451 scientific and technological papers from HUST were indexed by the "Engineering Index" (Ei) , with HUST ranking 8th among Chinese universities; and 858 papers from HUST by "Science and Technology Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Science" (CPCI-S), with HUST ranking 10th in China, one place higher than the previous year.

ISTIC uses scientometric methods to select papers published in various disciplines, whose quality is higher than the average of its field internationally, and is among the top 1/10 of its field domestically. The selection results constitute a database of outstanding scientific and technological papers in China. It is reported that since 1987, ISTIC has been undertaking the statistical analysis of the number and impact of articles published by Chinese scientific and technological personnel domestically and overseas, and regularly releases the status and trends of Chinese scientific and technological papers every year. And on this basis, it expands to the statistical analysis of the output of Chinese patents, scientific journals, academic books and other fields.

Written by: Yikang Liu

Edited by: Andrew, Yumeng Peng

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