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HUST wins 9 gold medals and 2 silver medals in the 8th "Internet+" Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Nov 23, 2022

The finals of the 8th China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition were held online at Chongqing University from November 10th to 13th. HUST created its best results in history, bagging 9 gold medals and 2 silvers. With 9 gold-winning projects that covered all competing tracks, HUST was placed second nationwide, and 5 of them won first place in their respective categories. Besides, the international project submitted by HUST won a silver award. HUST now has accumulated a total of 31 golds from previous competitions and continues to hold second place nationwide.

From a showcase of reform within innovation and entrepreneurship education, the China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition has now grown into the most influential event for all universities and all college students nationwide. According to the report, the competition attracted more than 14.5 million participants from 111 countries and regions, with 3.4 million projects submitted.

Introduction of the prize-winning projects

Gold award projects

New Generation High-performance Laser Radar Chip

Group: Higher education track/Emerging Project Category for Undergraduates

From: The School of Optical and Electronic Information, Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, the School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Traditional laser radar system generally adopts discrete chips, which are large, expensive, and low efficient. The team employed three self-developed core techniques and achieved single chip integration. The self-developed chip, which has a smaller size, less power dissipation, and a cost that was less than 10% compared to traditional chips, helped China close the related technology gap.

“MultiEndo-01” : Intelligent Endoscopic Platform for Intraoperative Precision Navigation with Multispectral and Multimodal Fusion

Group: Higher education track/Creative Project Category for Postgraduates

From: The Second Clinical School (Affiliated Tongji Hospital)

The financial and social toll that tumors have on a family and society is enormous. With 9.96 million tumor deaths worldwide in 2020, the main cause of tumor death is recurrence and metastasis due to failure to precise diagnoses and to completely remove tumors. The team combined clinical medicine, bio-pharmaceutics,

material science, and several other subjects, and developed the intelligent endoscopic platform “MultiEndo-01” under the instruction of mentors. The platform can assist in identifying the edge of tumors and resecting the tumor microlesions.

World First Self Stratified Liquid Flow Energy Storage System

Group: Higher education track/Emerging Project Category for Postgraduates

From: Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, the School of Materials Science and Engineering

Present mature electrochemical energy storage systems have several problems including insecure eigen, high cost, and restricted storage hours. Based on these problems, the team created an original self-layered battery structure, which is an original design worldwide. They designed an all-iron-flow battery system, which has the advantages of having a large capacity, high security, long lifespan, high efficiency, low cost, and recyclability. John B. Goodenough, a Nobel Prize laureate and the creator of lithium batteries, commended the team for resolving the key issues that had been impeding the development of energy storage technology. In addition, the technology is also highly recognized by the industry and is expected to be mass-produced and put into use next year.

Intelligent Assistant for Visually Impaired People: Fill Your Eyesight with AI Insight

Group: “Youth’s dream building journey” track /Entrepreneurship Group

From: The School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation

The team from Qiming College is dedicated to combing artificial intelligence technology, assistive function technologies, and human-computer interaction methods to improve the lives of visually impaired people. The team developed “3+X” series products to address the issues that may arise while visually impaired people are surfing the Internet, traveling, and shopping. These products helped an increasing number of people with low vision and have received widespread attention from society.

Rural Revitalizing Industry of Genuine Medicinal Materials

Group: “Youth’s dream building journey” track /Originality Group

FromThe School of Life Science and Technology

The team has long been dedicated to promoting the development of the Chinese herbal medicine industry. The team constructed a platform for high throughput germplasm screening and healthy product development about sub-health indications. It provides services for the enterprises engaged in the cultivation and deep processing of genuine medicinal materials, and supports the expansion of the special resource industry from rural regions, boosting rural revitalization and promoting farmers’ income.

AI Baby--Searching for Lost Relatives

Group: “Youth’s dream building journey” track /Public Welfare Group

From: The School of Software Engineering

The team creatively applied image restoration technology into the search for missing relatives, and developed “AI Baby: Application of an Ultra high-resolution image restoration system to search for missing relatives”, which solved the core problem of blurring facial images. The team developed a special tape with missing kids’ faces on it, which soon became a hit and played an important role in finding missing children. The product has received numerous reports from many authoritative media for finding 9 children that have gone missing for years.

Optimization of Visual Perception Algorithm for High Efficiency Driving Scenes Based on Horizon Edge Artificial Intelligence Computing Chip

Group: Industry Designated Theme track

From: The School of Electronic Information and Communications

From the three perspectives of algorithm architecture adaptation, image and video perception, and 3D point cloud perception, the team innovatively proposed six core technologies and developed a set of highly efficient visual perception systems with fully independent intellectual property rights. The system improved the adaptability of the perception algorithm to domestic Al chips as well as the accuracy and speed of automatic driving perception. The system will help the localization of related technologies and the development of domestic intelligent cars.

Graph Computing Accelerator Based on FPGA

Group: Industry Designated Theme track

From: The School of Computer Science and Technology

Everything is connected. In order to overcome the limitation of using a universal processor for graph computing, the team developed the current international leading graph computing accelerator, which has been used in a variety of complex real-life scenarios such as in electricity and finance and has been highly recognized by Baidu. The team's achievements were highlighted in various exhibitions and conferences. The team also won the first global champion in the Graph Challenge, making HUST the first and only university to receive the award in China. The high-performance graph computing accelerator will promote the development of multi-scenario services based on large-scale graph computing and analysis capabilities, providing important technical support for linked big data applications.

Innovation and Practice of Intelligent EB Block Storage System

Group: Industry Designated Theme track

From: Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics

Block storage is one of the three storage forms of cloud storage. With the exponential expansion of data, the block storage system on the cloud reaches the EB level. It is difficult to manage massive resources efficiently, which limits the development of the block storage system. The team focused on the underlying technology of the storage system, made incremental advances in response to the pain points of poor system performance, high cost, and frequent failures, and successfully improved the difficult management status of the EB-level storage system.

Silver Award Project

Direct Drive Motor for Heavy-duty Vehicles

Group: Higher education track/Creative Project Category for Postgraduates

From: The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

After spending many years overcoming difficulties, the team in the field of direct-drive permanent magnet motor has ended the foreign technology monopoly in the field of direct-drive permanent magnet motor, helping China in achieving independence in related fields. The team members focused on the needs of social development and the national strategic needs to achieve the transformation from “made in China” to “intelligent manufacturing in China”.

Microfluidic Pathogen Drug Sensitivity Rapid Test

Group: Higher education track/Creative Project Category for Undergraduates

From: The School of Life Science and Technology

"Zhiduoxin the microfluidic chip" helps precise antibiotic drug use. The detection of antibiotic use is of great significance to prevent the abuse of antibiotics. However, traditional detection methods are time-consuming, expensive and unpopular. The team developed microfluidic technology, making the response time more than ten times shorter than before. It adopts a rapid drug-use detection system, which has the advantages of being inexpensive and having a fast reaction time. The vision of the team is to contribute Chinese wisdom to curb the abuse of antibiotics and improve people's well-being.

Blockchain-based Distributed Massive Data Storage Platform (International Project)

Group: Higher education track for International Projects/Creative Project Category for Postgraduates

From: The School of Computer Science and Technology

The explosive growth of data today has created a sizable market for cloud storage. However, technical pain points such as high cost and easy data loss still exist. Therefore, it is imperative to develop efficient and reliable distributed storage products. BS - Cloud is an efficient distributed mass data storage and storage platform based on blockchain and P2P technology. It is committed to integrating and coordinating fragmentary storage resources all over the world, creating a new form of cloud storage products with low cost, high efficiency, security and reliability.

Written by: Li Yi

Edited by: Hu Zhenxiang, Peng Yumeng

Source: Qiming College

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