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HUST VP attend 4th China-France-Africa Tripartite Higher Education Forum

Dec 9, 2022

In the afternoon of November 30th, the 4th China-France-Africa Tripartite Higher Education Forum was held online. The forum was held by Wuhan University, with three sub-venues in Wuhan, Paris and Settat. With the theme of Win-Win Cooperation for the Future - Building a China-France-Africa Higher Education Community in the New Era, the presidents from 20 universities in China, France and Africa gathered together and had a discussion on their cooperation. Chen Jianguo, Vice President of HUST, was invited to the forum and delivered a report. Chen Jie, Director of Office of International Affairs, hosted the second half of the forum.

Tian Xuejun, China’s Vice Minister of Education, Rahamtalla M. Osman, Permanent Representative of the African Union to China, and Han Jin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhan University delivered speeches in the opening ceremony, together witnessing the start of “‘China-France-Africa Tripartite Higher Education Union”.


Chen Jianguo gave a report on “ Sino-Africa n E ducation C ooperation in HUST . He introduced the characteristics and highlights of HUST 's cooperation with Africa from five aspects, including the overall situation of HUST 's training of African students, education and technology cooperation with African countries, the special activities ‘perception of China’ for African students, outstanding African alumni and the experience of international student training . He further emphasized that HUST will firmly promote high-level education opening up, implement the “HUST Global Development Strategy 2030”, continuously strengthen practical exchanges and cooperation with global partners, and contribute knowledge and strength to the sustainable development of global higher education.

The presidents of Chinese, French and African universities expressed their views and shared their reports on the practice and prospects of international exchange and cooperation under the new situation in the context of the future development strategy of higher education, contributing knowledge and solutions to build a community of higher education between China, France and Africa, which aroused strong reactions among the audience.

Written by: Wang Jingyi

Edited by: Luo Xiaofan, Peng Yumeng


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