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Sheroes: empowering women at HUST

Mar 20, 2023

At the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, there is a group of outstanding women who are dedicated to the university’s development and they deserve our appreciation on this year’s International Women's Day.


Wang Lin, a professor at the Wuhan Union Hospital and one of the “National March 8th Red-Banner Pacesetters”, declined a lucrative job offer abroad and instead returned to China to establish the first regenerative medicine research center in the central region.



Chen Lili, Vice Director of Tongji Medical College and Dean of the School of Stomatology, was recognized as one of the "National Female Contribution Pacesetters" for her dedication and expertise in her field. Since embarking on her career, Chen Lili has cured more than 50,000 patients with her exquisite skills and has been praised as "the angel in white who brings bright smiles".



Geng Hong, a professor of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, who was recognized as one of the "National Female Contribution Pacesetters", has led her team to devise 13 tailor-made plans of poverty alleviation for various villages, helping over 3,000 impoverished households to address their housing and employment problems.



Chen Rong, a professor of the School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, has been acknowledged as one of the "March 8th Red-Banner Pacesetters of Hubei Province" and "Top Ten Female Staff" of HUST. Chen was dedicated to the cross-cutting area of micro/nano manufacturing, with emphasis on atomic-scale collaborative manufacturing and equipment research for integrated circuits, high-end monitors, and power delivery.


“Top Ten Women Staff of HUST for 2021-2022” were also announced, and here are introductions of the other 9 excellent women besides Professor Chen Rong.



Liu Jie, an associate professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering, has been dedicated to rural revitalization and applied the water-saving irrigation technology to the green square of Bashi Village in Xiaogan City for free, which effectively addressed the problem of seasonal water shortages.



Xu Shuyun, a chief physician of Tongji Hospital, proposed a number of significant clinical treatment strategies in the front-line clinical diagnosis.



Li Zhihua, a professor of the School of Physics, explored innovative methods to reform classroom teaching and experimental teaching through the use of science and technology.



Yang Xuefeng, a professor of the School of Public Health, has made remarkable contributions to the field of nutrition education through her work in several popular TV columns, and her TV programs have consistently notched the highest ratings in the time slot.



As a committed educator, Zhang Zaihong, a professor of the School of Foreign Languages, has taught a wide range of courses with an annual teaching load of over 380 hours. She’s also known for her genuine care and concern for students' study and life.



Huang Beina, Deputy Director of the Graduate Office, has handled student work for more than 20 years with dedication and commitment to promoting well-rounded growth of students.



Huang Chuixiu, an associate professor of the Department of Forensic Medicine, worked hard on complex sample analysis and breakthroughs on core technologies. She also actively participated in the epidemic prevention and established the provincial first-class toxicology identification platform, providing services to over 2,500 people.



Tan Jing, Vice Chair of the School of Management Committee, concentrated on ideological and political work for 18 years. She has successfully educated more than 5,000 students and trained numerous talents and excellent student groups.



Fan Hong, Deputy Director and Associate Chief Physician of the Emergency Department at the Wuhan Union Hospital, took the lead to stay in the fever clinic observation ward during the epidemic, working 12-13 hours a day for more than a month.

Written by: Lei Yujie

Edited by: Ye Jingyi, Chang Wen, Peng Yumeng

Source: HUST Trade Union and News Center



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