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2024 HUST New Year Gala for Chinese and International Students held

Jan 8, 2024

On the evening of December 29th, 2024 SICA Night, the HUST New Year Gala for  Chinese and International Students, was held in the Gravity Centers lecture hall by the School of International Education and hosted by the Students’ International Communication Association (SICA). More than 500 Chinese and international students and teachers gathered to sing and dance in celebration. Zhang Yao, Vice Chair of the University Committee, attended the celebration and delivered a speech.

The New Year Gala was divided into three segments. Performances included songs, dances, musical instrument performances, Tai Chi, stage plays and others. Exuberant singing kicked off the party. International students from Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Ghana and other countries dressed in colorful folk costumes and took their turns to perform agile and enthusiastic dance moves. Their wonderful folk-dance performances represented the multi-cultural exchange and coming together of different cultures. International students from Belgium and Russia performed impressive Tai Chi routines, displaying the perfect balance between strength and gentleness, and fully illustrating the charm of traditional Chinese culture to the audience. International students from France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Thailand sang songs along with Chinese students, jointly conveying the youthful vigor and passion of young people in the new era. The singing performance by Chinese and international teachers and students brought the gala to a perfect end.

2024 SICA Night provided a platform for Chinese and international students to express themselves and showcase diverse cultures. Their joint performances enhanced friendship and facilitated communication and integration.


Written by: Feng Siyu

Edited by: Zhu Yixuan, Chang Wen, Peng Yumeng

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