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Tsinghua-HUST Employment Team Training Camp held

Jul 13, 2020

On July 9th, Tsinghua-HUST Employment Team Training Camp was held online. Teachers from the employment sectors of the two universities and employment counselors of each department exchanged their working practices. The meeting was presided over by Zhijiao Zhou, deputy director of the Office of Student Affairs of HUST.


At the meeting, Leili Jin, deputy director of the Career Development Center of Tsinghua University, delivered a speech, in which she introduced the stage theory of psychosocial development and career development, and pointed out the career goals for students in early adulthoodfrom teenagers to early twenties. According to Jin, students in this stage should cultivate their self-concept, learn to grasp more opportunities, find their future’s direction, learn to properly handle relationships with others, and secure a stable post. She also emphasized that difficulties in career decision-making are classified differently based on process and outcome, while the solution lies in reducing students’ worries about those difficulties. The specific methods include counseling courses, group guidance, individual counseling, etc.


Jie Zhang, director of the Employment Office of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University, introduced the whereabouts of the graduates from the department in recent years, and demonstrated the working practices for both graduates and employers. Yingjie Gu, director of the Career Development Center of the School of Economics and Management, introduced the employment guidance system, career development courses and vocational ability training at Tsinghua University. She stressed that all employers give priority to professional ethics, to which students must pay great attention for their long-term development.


Mingyi Tang, a counselor of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of HUST, shared his working experience in ensuring graduation rate, stabilizing employment rate and improving graduate school enrollment rate. Zhe Xi, a counselor of the Second Clinical College, introduced the current situation and the future of clinical undergraduates, stressing empathy and being student-centered.


Zhijiao Zhou made the closing remarks, emphasizing that employment is the greatest livelihood of the people and a crucial guarantee to maintain social stability, especially in this time of uncertainty facing global pandemic.


It is reported that the Office of Student Affairs will hold three employment team training camps for vocational ability enhancement in the near future, including interpretation of employment situation and policy, introduction of the school career education system, online and offline employment guidance, etc.


Written by: Yutao Cao

Edited by: Rong He

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