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Mobilization Conference on the 5th China College Students'“Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Was Launched

Apr 18, 2019

News.hust.edu.cn (Correspondent: Pang Xiumei) On April 16, HUST organized a mobilization conference of the 5th China College Students’ "Internet+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition", which officially opened the prelude of the competition. Ma Jianhui, Vice President of HUST, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Huang Gang, deputy dean of Qiming College, gave us a detailed introduction to the 5th China College Students’ "Internet+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.  He pointed out that the competition has become the highest level innovation and entrepreneurship competition in China. 

Liu Yan, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office, made an in-depth explanation of the Chinese university discipline competition rankings, and analyzed the current situation of HUST. Discipline competition is an important part of scientific research and education in institutions of higher learning, and a vital stage for demonstrating the creative achievements of college students. In December 2017, the expert group of the "Research on Competition Evaluation of Institutions of Higher Learning and Management System" of the China Association of Higher Education officially released the Cultivation of Innovative Talents of Chinese Institutions of Higher Learning and Evaluation Results of Discipline Contest, HUST ranked fifth in the country. To better carry out the organization and preparation for the competition, the Academic Affairs Office will introduce related policies and provide more incentives for teachers and students who participate in.

Liu Gonghai, who was in charge of the gold award program of the 4th China College Students "Internet+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition – “Original Optical Core: China's High-end Optical Chip Overcomer”, shared the involved program and his thoughts of participation in the competition through a project presentation, and provided valuable experience for players who participate in the competition this year. He mentioned that it is necessary to prepare the defense PPT in advance, and make more practice; have a thorough understanding of the competition policies, and grasp the best timing in the process of competition; make full preparations to deal with unexpected events.

Professor Guo Weihua, the instructor of the gold award program of the "Original Optical Core: China's High-end Optical Chip Overcomer", was influenced by the American innovation and entrepreneurship education when working in the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering of UCSB. He realized that as a university lecturer should provide better quality of scientific research, achieve proven results, and perform well in the application of industrialization so as to contribute to the society. He found that Chinese students are very good. If they are presented with more opportunities and favorable conditions, they can create the best possible results and reach the international advanced level. After returning to China, Professor Guo is committed to solving the problems in the field of optical communication, especially the key issues facing core applications. He has performed a strong execution ability and created any possible conditions to ensure what he want to do can be done well. This is the fundamental for making world-class optical chips in the competition.

The Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO) has achieved outstanding results in the "Internet+" competition and won four national gold awards in three years. Han Jing, deputy secretary of WNLO, shared their ideas, work results and outlooks in the conference. WNLO has introduced supporting measures, and set up a leading group on the work of College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. It has made full use of high-quality resources, and coordinated the overall scientific research and work to support the "Internet+" competition in all-round way. For teachers and students of WNLO participating in competition, it has introduced its own incentive policies, and established the “National Optics” scholarship for the award-winning students in various types of innovation and entrepreneurship practical activities. In 2018, the amount of “National Optics” program scholarship reached nearly 1 million yuan. In terms of the routine work, WNLO has offered the jobs available in “public service”, "scientific technology and moral education assistant for postgraduates", regularly held tutoring lectures about entrepreneurship and innovation, and established work exchange group of entrepreneurship and innovation, etc.

In the concluding remarks, Ma Jianhui gave high recognition to the results that have achieved by HUST in the "Internet+" competition, and he wished great success in the 5th "Internet+" competition.

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