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HUST has two champions in National University Students'Intelligent Car Race

Sep 15, 2020

The 15th National University Students’ Intelligent Car Race concluded on August 26th. Despite the impact of COVID-19, students from HUST won two out of the seven online and offline championships.

In the offline final held in Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Deep Learning Team I from HUST won the national championship in the Baidu Deep Learning Driverless Car Group. Also, in the online competition, another team from HUST, consisting of Wei Kuang, Rui Xu and Xinyong Chen, achieved the best result in its race group, greatly surpassing other teams. Another two teams from HUST ranked among the top 8, in the national race.

367 universities from across China, including Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Wuhan University participated in the 15th National University Students Intelligent Car Race. The competition was comprised of more than 1,200 teams - with nearly 10,000 students.

This year, HUST’s participation in the race was led by the Office of Academic Affairs, Qiming College and School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation. Teachers from the School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation including Dingxin He, Gang Peng, Kaibo Zhou were invited to be advisors of our teams. Meanwhile, HUST teams were made up of excellent students from different faculties who have stood out in university competitions. In spite of the short preparation time and other difficulties, HUST teams achieved great results in the race with outstanding performances. Meanwhile, amid the fierce competition, team members improved their personal skills while communicating with students from other universities. The Smart Car Team from HUST has made remarkable achievements since its establishment. In the past three years, the team has won 4 national championships and more than 10 national first prizes.

The National University Students Intelligent Car Race is organized by the Chinese Association of Automation. Based on skills training, the race is a multi-disciplinary and cross-field competition for university students in the area of automatic control. It encourages students to explore science through engineering practices along with the pursuit of excellence.


Written by: Hailing Zhang

Edited by: Shengyuan Ma, Scott, Yumeng Peng

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