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[A Different Graduation Season] President Li Yuanyuan guides graduates around the campus

Jun 15, 2020

On the morning of June 14th, the event An Appointment with President was held for graduates of the class of 2020. President Li Yuanyuan, Vice President Liang Qian and representatives of the graduates made an appointment to stroll around the campus. Following the familiar footsteps of the graduates, they talked about their growth and achievements and shared their exclusive memories on campus.

In the South Gate Square, the leaders led the students in reviewing the history and development process of HUST to better understand the spirit of the university motto — Virtue Erudition Truth Innovation. The graduates held greeting placards and took a group photo with the leaders.

When walking to the library square, the leaders expressed cordial greetings to the graduates present. They watched the original MV "Still Young" composed and sung by the 2020 graduates, recalling their own life and study in HUST. Li said “Be a HUSTer for a day, love HUST for a lifetime.” He mentioned that HUST has actively planned and has carefully prepared in order to give graduates an unforgettable and special graduation memory. Besides that the President sent his hopes that graduates would have a bright future and maintain a youthful mentality, after going through trials and hardships.


Afterwards the leaders and graduate representatives held a symposium to give advice to HUST, which was held in the Wutongyu Academic Exchange Center. During the discussion the representatives not only expressed their deep attachment and blessings for HUST, but also offered suggestions on its reform and development.


Xiang Linyi, from the School of Energy and Power Engineering, said that he has gained a lot from his four-year college experience from being an ignorant teenager to maturing and transforming. He thanked his alma mater for providing the excellent campus environment and cultural atmosphere for HUSTers, and hoped that the university will continue to spread HUST’s voice. Han Jingyi, from the school of Sociology, shared her experience of mobilizing anti-epidemic supplies during the Covid-19 outbreak. She said that during the epidemic, numerous valiant heroes emerged from within the university. At the same time, many teachers have made great contributions to epidemic prevention and control with their professional knowledge and taught students a vivid lesson in reality, which moved and impressed her and has strengthened her belief in continuing to study her major.

Li Kexin, from the School of Computer Science and Technology, said that the university’s social practice had provided opportunities for her to go deep into the grassroots that also offered her an opportunity to contribute towards national construction. She hoped that the university can organize more social practice activities at the grass-roots level and in society, so that more students could observe people's conditions and improve their abilities in practice. The students also provided suggestions for HUST in terms of talent cultivation, international exchange, alumni work, campus culture, infrastructure construction, etc.

In his speech, Li Yuanyuan said that the students talked freely about their feelings about university life and provided advice for the development of the university, which fully reflected their concerns for the construction and development and their deep affection for HUST. The university will take their comments and suggestions seriously and integrate them into the specific actions of reform and development. He also pointed out that the university has always adhered to the student-centered approach, promoted moral education, deepened teaching reform and improved the educational environment.

Li added that the university attaches great importance to the all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labour education. On the one hand, the university will continue to improve the condition of student facilities, accelerate the construction of swimming pools, concert halls and other infrastructure, so as to provide students with a comfortable, reassuring learning and living environment. On the other hand, we should further improve the core competitiveness and comprehensive strength of the university, and strive to build a world-class university.


Li expressed the hope that after going through the epidemic, graduates should be more awed by life, be concerned about national development and social dynamics, pay close attention to people’s livelihood, and meet future challenges with firm faith.





After the symposium, the students took a group photo with Li, and invited the President to sign the graduation shirts and yearbooks.



Written by: Can Shi

Edited by: Rong He

Photos by: Hanmu Liu

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