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Culture Salon of SICA held in International Students Activity Center

Mar 23, 2021

On March 21st, the Culture Salon of the Students International Communication Association (SICA) was held in the International Students Activity Center. The theme of the Salon is Short Video. Students discussed the influence of this new video form on people’s lifestyle.


Dominic Addo-Fordwuor, a foreign student from School of Public Administration, shared his views on short videos from an objective and comprehensive perspective. He introduced both positive and the negative impacts that short videos have on education, business, and citizen journalism.


A Q&A session followed the presentation, where a comparison between Chinese and western short videos evoked a heated discussion among the audience.


Zhang Chi, a student from School of Management, made a lively and insightful speech on how short videos were fragmenting our lives. She said that short videos enabled us to see a bigger world, but in pieces, from which we gained instant gratification, however lost control over our choices.


Wang Chuang, a student from School of Optical and Electronic Information, illustrated the topic using his own experiences. His humorous and confident speech won the audience’s laughter and applause.


A group photo was taken after the activity.


Written by: Shi Can

Edited by: Ma Shengyuan, Scott, Peng Yumeng

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