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2021 Sports Carnival of HUST held at central playground

Mar 17, 2021

On March 13th , HUST’s Sports Carnival was successfully held at the central playground. The event, hosted by HUST’s Sports Committee, consisted of around 40 fun exercise activities that had been prepared by more than 20 sports clubs. By playing these games, participants could collect tokens to exchange for keepsakes, and join the lucky draw.



Students’ performance at the opening ceremony

Following the students’ warm-up, at 9.30 am, Ma Jianhui, Vice Chair of the University Council at HUST, injected his own jubilance and passion into the occasion by commencing proceedings for the inaugural Sports Carnival.

The event focuses on entertaining the participants and arousing the students’ sense of engagement. "To make our project more interesting and lower the threshold as well, we added blindfolds to the royal fight. In the royal fight, participants would form two groups and try to hit each other with sponge sticks while blindfolded”, Li Qinyu of the Martial Arts Association said, “through this game, we aim to strike into students’ hearts the practical satisfaction brought by sports, hence to stimulate their appreciation of the sports’ charms and awareness to exercise". Other events however, such as roller-skating, an obstacle race and a rowing simulation, could be relatively challenging making participants sweat a bit over acquiring the tokens. On the whole, the participants were full of praise for the activities, saying that they were deeply impressed by the many projects and appreciated the efforts of the organizers.


Blindfolded royal fight


Student playing frisbee


The taekwondo project


Student giving instruction to yo-yo players


Mini billiards game


Students exchanging stickers for keepsakes


The Special Prize winner with her bicycle

The event aims to enrich campus life for the college students by encouraging them to "free themselves from the network, step out of the dormitory, and take time to exercise". It intends to awaken the enthusiasm of the students to voluntarily participate in physical exercise, and contribute to the comprehensive development of HUSTers.

Written by: Cao Yutao

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