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The 11th Lotus Culture Festival held

Jul 2, 2021

June 18th marked the beginning of the 11th Lotus Culture Festival of HUST. The logistics group prepared about 500 potted lotus and water lilies, representing approximately 100 species, around the main library, Youth Park and Celebrity Park within HUST.




A photography exhibition was also held opposite the main library, where more than 180 works covering 6 themes were displayed. Starting from different perspectives, the photos depict the natural scenery and cultural landscape of our university. The works convey the happiness of our teachers and students, along with their appreciation and expectations for a better campus life.





The lotus exhibition marks another themed activity held this year, following the elaborately prepared sunflower bloom in the Yun Yuan area. Both of these contributions offered refreshing landscapes for the university.

Written by: Cao Yutao

Edited by: Scott, Peng Yumeng

Source: Logistics Group

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