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Welcome aboard, new HUSTers!

Sep 5, 2021

Nucleic acid testing, group photos, celebrating birthdays, chatting... a heartwarming “blockbuster” was staged at " No. 1037 Forest, Luoyu Road " on September 2nd, HUST’s freshman registration day.

Shao Xinyu, the Chair of the University Committee and Li Yuanyuan, the university president went to the welcoming site to meet with the new students.

In his communication with the students, Shao Xinyu urged the students to cherish the time to study, and inherit the fine traditions, to not only "learn in HUST", but to "achieve in HUST", and strive to become a well-rounded HUSTer. Li Yuanyuan expressed that he hoped that everyone will adapt to campus life as soon as possible, find the goals for their new stage of life, learn professional knowledge, and lay a solid foundation for achieving a brilliant life at the "Most Beautiful Forest University". Parents were also invited to visit the university after the epidemic.

Scene 1: "I'm here waiting for you"

Choosing Huazhong University of Science and Technology means choosing the infinite possibilities of future life. Here, the students are to join the outstanding peers from all over the world with enthusiasm for the future. The seniors greeted the freshmen at various transportation hubs.

Scene Two: "Safeguard your campus life"

Is it safe at school? (The answer is definitely a big yes.) All departments of the university plan scientifically and arrange carefully to guarantee the health of teachers and students.

Scene Three: "Get in the car, let's go!"

Volunteers are always ready to help the students with their luggage! Just get in the car, let’s go!

Scene Four: "Nice to meet you"

This was the first offline meeting at the welcoming spot among freshmen. Some of the freshmen joined the volunteers as soon as they sorted their baggage. At the welcoming spot, teachers and students sang birthday songs together to give birthday wishes to those freshmen who were having their first birthday at HUST. Some received a message from the President, wishing them that their undergraduate life goes well. Many coincidences happened at the welcoming spot: some were pleasantly surprised to find that the four classmates in their dormitories happened to be from four different ethnic groups; some happened to be schoolmates with their siblings; some became alumni of their parents. Technology was also a highlight that cannot be ignored this year. Ji Huajun, the first AI medical student in China, greeted the freshmen at the Teacher-Student Service Center. Later, it will be assigned a sequence of students with an exclusive student ID. School of Computer Science and Technology used the names of 399 undergraduate freshmen to form the welcoming background wall in order to record their first encounter with the school.

Scene Five: New life full of innovation

The School of Electronic Information and Communication was at the welcome spot at Einstein Square. RoboMaster, the Dian, and the electrician base provided competition vehicles, drones, automatic tracking cars and remote control cars for freshmen which could be manipulated while waiting at the welcome spot. They allowed the freshmen to feel the academy’s technological innovation atmosphere at the first stop of enrollment, and to further stimulate the students’ interest and yearning.

Every year, the students from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning prepares DIY gifts to freshmen. This year, they also made full use of their professional expertise to prepare heart-warming gifts for freshmen, such as fans, bookmarks, card holders, cultural shirts, and hats, etc.

Source: HUST Official News Site

Written by: Hu Zhenxiang

Edited by: Andrew, Peng Yumeng

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