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HUST flash mob! Youthful and vibrant!

Mar 29, 2023

Many of you must have seen posts of performances given by the HUST choir in the academic buildings these days. Lots of positive feedback can be seen online. “This is probably what youth looks like!” “This wonderful scene satisfied my imagination of college life”.

In the following paragraphs, we will present you with the full version of the flash mob by the HUST high level chorus.


Legend performed by HUST choir in academic building


Choir Conductor Duan Chuanya, associate professor of the School of Arts, said that the flash mob not only shortened the distance between the school choir and audiences, but also helped the members of the chorus feel more relaxed, making it easier to evoke shared feelings of audiences.

Seeking performed by HUST choir in academic building

“Music is the most direct instinct for human beings to express emotions, and it is one of the most precious treasures that human beings have been blessed”, said Duan Chuanya. Choir members participating in the performance also shared their own thoughts.

Undergraduate student Ge Xu from the School of Journalism and Information Communication: I was nervous at the beginning, but when the prelude started, I heard someone saying “wow” in a pleasantly surprised voice, and another audience member singing along. Thanks to the reactions of our audience, I got instantly relaxed and gradually immersed in the song.

Lu Danyang, graduate student from the School of Journalism and Information Communication said: I had a stronger feeling after this flash mob that our songs can bring others joy and strength, and it also strengthens my love for choral singing!

Fan Yu, graduate student from the School of Energy and Power Engineering said: The flash mob is getting more and more successful. Choral singing always supports me in difficult situations and gives me the strength to deal with setbacks in a positive way.


Written by: Cheng Yifang

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