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Gong shares wisdom about investing and life as a distinguished alumnus

Oct 31, 2020

On Friday evening, President of VCANBIO, Hongjia Gong, an outstanding alumnus who graduated in 1986, was invited to the "On Tao" seminar. An investor and technology entrepreneur with a nationwide reputation, Gong exchanged ideas with students in an online meeting, sharing his investment experience and his insights and perspectives about life .

With a keen sense of decision-making, the much praised Gong is considered the best angel investor in China. To date, he has invested in more than 30 companies, among which Hikvision is his greatest success with gains of more than 60 billion yuan from his original investment of 2.45 million yuan. The unconstrained style that he possesses is key to his investment strategy and his ability to identify sector ‘dark horses’.

Identifying potential and progress out of the seemingly impossible is routine for Gong. From stem cell to gene technology to medicine to soil management, he has an eye for not only physical health, but also the well-being of our planet.

Gong’s words were unadorned but humorous, concise and focused. “To seize the momentum” was the most valuable lesson he learned during his career, and he enthusiastically shared this advice with the students. He stressed, that any technology that effectively addresses our real needs and pain points is poised to become a hot spot for future investments. For people exploring Gong’s own path to a successful career, imitation is far from enough. To meet the expected outcome, one should hone and follow their own instincts, weighing up the proposition, experience and advice to fully realize their talents in the field that suits them.

Talking about the challenges presented by AI, Gong continued to give his unique views, he stated that young entrepreneurs needed to take bold advantage of novel technology. “Where there are challenges, there are new opportunities,” he concluded.

Entrepreneurship has long been thriving at HUST, with the university fostering its students adventurous spirits. An increasing number of alumni are starting up their own businesses on campus. In the end, Gong said, “to start your career, it is the best of times and the worst of times.” Unprecedented opportunities are bursting forth alongside unexpected changes, which makes it more important for young people to use their sharp observation to identify innovations and develop a vision of lifelong learning. It is the eternal responsibility and pursuit of HUSTers to make use of the platform the university provides. With additional resources including access to high-quality alumni such as Hongjia Gong, HUST sets the stage for the innovations that will go on to benefit all mankind.

Written by: Peishan Li

Edited by: Andrew, Yumeng Peng

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