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Too hot in Wuhan? Go take a boat trip on the "River Cam"

Mar 17, 2022

On March 10, as the temperature in Wuhan soared to 27 ℃, students of HUST took a boat course to cool off. With life jackets on, they went boating on the "River Cam" – Huxi River of HUST, enjoying outdoor sports in summer.


"I walk around the river almost every day, but it's my first time to row on it." said Lu Xiuqi, a freshman from the School of Cyber Science and Engineering. He will continue to take Outdoor Sports classes this semester but on rivers instead. Tian Yingchi, associate professor of the School of Physical Education, said that the Water Sports has been set up as an optional class for many years in which students learn kayaking, rowing, dragon boat racing and other sports on the Huxi River and the Yujia Lake.


In Water Sports class, students will learn kayaking in the first half of the semester, and dragon boat racing in the second. "Kayaking seems simple, but it takes a lot of practice to paddle perfectly." said Fu Yu, a freshman from the School of Computer Science and Technology.

During the class, the blue waters were sparkling, and among the white bridges and green trees, students rode in boats across the lake, their paddles stirring up waves. “With trees and beautiful scenery around, a ride across the Yujia Lake is not just beneficial to health, but refreshing. " said Tian Yingchi.


After class, many students took a walk along the Huxi River. With spring approaching, the banks of the river are covered by green grass, and along the river waves are stretching into the distance. The river, affectionately called the River Cam, runs for a total length of 1530 meters. It starts from Wuhan Luoyu East Road in the south and ends at the Yujia Lake in the north. It flows through the East Campus and has a catchment area of about 7.5 square kilometers.

Years ago, the Huxi River was not as beautiful as it is today. Thanks to the comprehensive management project launched at the beginning of 2018, the Huxi River has not only restored its translucency, but also it’s brought a riverside landscape belt to the campus. "We pass the river every day on our way to and from class, it is the embodiment of campus life." said Lu Xiuqi.

Written by: Huang Bochuan, Qu Mengting, Gao Yifei

Edited by: Ye Jingyi, Daniel, Jiang Jing

Chinese Source: JIMU NEWS

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