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Solicitude from overseas teacher for students in School of Philosophy

Apr 13, 2021

On the afternoon of April 2nd, the students of Class Philosophy 1801 were surprised by a 12-inch cake and a selection of egg tarts from their overseas teacher, Caterina. Currently held-up in Italy by the pandemic, Caterina presented the gift as encouragement and in way of thanks for her students’ focus and diligence during their online classes.

Feeling the solicitude conveyed through the gift, the students wrote down their sentiments to share with Caterina, expressing their appreciation for her thoughtful lectures and wishing her all the best. With profound knowledge, graceful elegance, and a fine sense of humor, Caterina is both a respectable teacher and a bosom friend to the students.


Caterina expressed her gratitude for protective supplies offered by the school’s administrators, saying she was deeply moved by the constant care from the faculty during the epidemic. The sight of the students’ greetings also sent her emotional waves. “All progress should be cherished. Don’t lose heart when encountering difficulties. I’ll always be by your side with due diligence as a teacher no matter what the future holds,” she replied to her students.

Caterina believes that the undergraduate period is crucial in one’s life. Therefore, she hopes that everyone will be more resolute and diligent, and abstain from idleness and procrastination. “Be passionate about your love and concentrated on your path. You’ll eventually find yourself realizing your dream,” she said to Class Philosophy 1801.

Written by: Li Peishan

Edited by: Cao Yutao, Andrew, Peng Yumeng

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