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Student Club Carnival lit the campus

Apr 21, 2021

On April 16th and 17th, the 18th Student Club Carnival was held successively in the East and West playgrounds, presenting the audience with different themes.

Combining performances and interesting games organized by different student clubs, the Carnival in the East playground was a feast for the eyes and a welcome rest for the mind.

The famous dramatist Tang Xinzu (1550-1616) wrote, “One will never imagine such alluring scenery of spring, until he steps into the peony pavilion.” in his most famous play named The Peony Pavilion. During the carnival, the Kun Opera of the same name transported us to the wonderland world of Tang’s work. The next show, Beauty through a Century, from the Fashion Design and Cutting Club, was a showcase of traditional Chinese costumes, depicting the historical changes in dressing.

Next, The Mingchun Crosstalk Club’s comic dialogue, Learning Chinese Storytelling, drew a lot of attention. It was based on HUSTer's daily life, while adding storytelling elements, as well as excellent performances from the brilliant actors. Directly following it, the fascinating erhu performance, was graceful and melodious, comfortable and light.

There was no doubt that the most eye-catching performances were the dances. Through the Latin dance—Reborn from Ashes, the moving story of a front-line nurse during the Covid-19 epidemic was staged, in which the protagonist combated the virus with determination and courage before being finally reunited with her beloved. In another dance, FM1037 (1037 is the building number of HUST in Luoxu Street), HUSTers’ pure-blooded energy of youth was conveyed to the audience through the wave of bodies, expressing their expectation for a better life through Hip-Hop.

Written by: Li Ruiyao

Edited by: Shi Can, Andrew, Peng Yumeng

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