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Exclusive Campus Express Service now available for HUSTers

Aug 9, 2021

HUST has launched a special express delivery service covering more than 50 kilometers across four districts throughout Wuhan - as well as three campuses of the university.

Campus Express Service among the main campus, Tongji campus and Cyber Science and Engineering campus was officially established in June.

The service is available for all staff members and students, involving more than 50 specific service items. Cross-campus service is realized through self-help ordering, pick-up processing, commuting operation, distribution and acceptance, and handling and receiving.

To enjoy the special service, users ought to enter “HUST Micro Campus”-“Online Service Hall”-“Campus Express Service” and fill in the relevant information as instructed. After the required operations, the user will obtain an exclusive digital code. The whole process of information collection ends as soon as the postal note is printed - after scanning the code. Each item, with a postal note attached, will be placed into a special password protected box - ensuring the safety of their items.

With the multi-departmental collaboration, both online and offline, the campus express aims to provide convenient, efficient, safe and comfortable services for teachers, students and employees.

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