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Overseas students go on Wuhan city tour

Sep 24, 2021

HUST’s overseas students and volunteers took a haunting tour around Wuhan on September 18th. The city tour, organized by the School of International Education, aimed to help foreign students learn more about Chinese culture.


Students began the tour with a visit to Yellow Crane Tower. Listening carefully to the information provided by the tour guide, they were all fascinated with the vermillion furniture and spreading eaves of the time-honored building. “China has done a good job in maintaining its historic culture”, said Kang Ting, a doctoral student from Lesotho. “It is admirable”, she said, “that Chinese culture is nurtured by poems, cultural relics and legends”.

Students visited the Foreign Language Bookstore in Tan Hualin, where they had a heated discussion about their stories and feelings about Wuhan. Mino, a Ph.D. student from Madagascar, shared how impressive she found Wuhan’s growth to be. Another doctoral student, Zheng Han, from Pakistan, extolled the rapid recovery of Wuhan and shared her experience of learning Chinese. Also Wu Tao, an exchange student from University of Canterbury in New Zealand, talked about the good academic atmosphere and enriching extracurricular activities at the school. While Liu Can, a volunteer from Student International Communication Association (SICA), told of her life and study at HUST.

Students then visited Hubei Provincial Museum and Chu Tiantai at Moshan Mountain, where they appreciated a Bianzhong (an ancient Chinese musical instrument consisting of bronze bells) performance, as well as the most-treasured pieces of artifacts, like Bianzhong of Marquis Yi of Zeng and Sword of Goujian. Students were all impressed by the grand, romantic performance; the long-lasting history of Hubei province as well as the splendid Chinese culture.

The city tour ended on a happy note. Annisa, a freshman from Indonesia, said she is grateful that the tour enabled her to explore more about Chinese culture.

Written by: Ye Jingyi

Edited by: He Rong, Scott, Yumeng

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