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Savor the spring at HUST with arts​

Apr 3, 2023

The forest university never ceases to delight our senses. During the months of February and March, the campus becomes a canvas painted by the brush of nature, as a myriad of flowers blossom in succession. In the gentle pace of spring, let’s follow the trail of blossoming flowers and sweet melodies to explore wonders it brings to the campus of HUST.


The Iris flowers in the grove are blooming in abundance, filling the air with soothing fragrance.



As we walk along the winding paths and among the tranquil groves, a golden beam of sunlight and gentle melodies of music always evoke a sense of peace and harmony.



At the East No.9 building, the air is filled with the resounding melodies of choral and symphonic flash mobs, each taking their turns to engage the audience with splendid performances.



At Wutongyu Academic Exchange Center, students from different schools play Chinese classical music on the flute, the gentle sound sweeping through like a refreshing spring breeze.


Yet the beauty of the campus and the energy of youth are not limited to spring alone. Just a few months later, when the lotus leaves spread over the Zuiwan Pavilion, the stunning beauty of summer will once again remind us of the never-fading allure of our surroundings.




Written by: Yu Shiyun

Edited by: Ye Jingyi, Chang Wen, Peng Yumeng


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