Governance & Structure

University Leadership

Administrative Departments

Department Responsibilities Contact Details
Office of the President Internal and external coordination 86-27-87542857
Public Relations Office Press releases and public relations 86-27-87542401
Office of Student Affairs Student admissions and employment, scholarship and financial assistance 86-27-87542128
Security Office Campus security, campus transportation, fire safety 86-27-87543364
Office of Retirement Services Services for retired staff 86-27-87556379
Youth League Committee Student innovation and entrepreneurship, social practices, voluntary services 86-27-87542103
Office of Human Resources Teacher training, personnel deployment and assessment, salary and social welfare 86-27-87542127
Office of Undergraduate Education Undergraduate teaching and enrollment management 86-27-87542123
Graduate School Graduate admissions, training, degree awarding, employment, scholarship and financial assistance for postgraduate 86-27-87542152
Laboratory and Equipment Administration Department Laboratory safety, construction and management 86-27-87543149
Research Development Office Science and technology management, including policies and planning, research 86-27-87543137
Research Findings Commercialization Office Commercialization of university research findings and intellectual property rights 86-27-87540925
Finance Department Financial services and management, procurement and bidding 86-27-87543468
Auditing Department Independent supervision and evaluation of revenues, expenditures and economic activities 86-27-87543716
Office of International Affairs(Office of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan affairs) Global partnerships building,international program collaboration, official visit coordination and Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan affairs 86-27-87542857
Office of Infrastructure Management Oversight for infrastructure construction projects 86-27-87543224
Housing Management Office and Housing System Reform Office Management of housing assets, public housing, university furniture and appliances 86-27-87556864
Office of Logistics Management Logistics-related matters management 86-27-87559831
Office of Alumni Affairs and Office Of the Education Development Fund Alumni affairs and education development fund management 86-27-87542502
University Labour Union Teacher's Representative Committee affairs 86-27-87543567
Office of Development Planning University development planning 86-27-87559549
Office of the Academic Committee Supervision of academic ethics 86-27-87542219
Network & Informatization Office University high-level cyberspace design; university cyberspace management and cyber- security; University Registration Center 86-27-87544990
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Development planning for Humanities and Social Sciences 86-27-87543215
Office of the Management Committee for Productive Assets Supervision of productive assets 86-27-87559431

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