Collaborative Programs

Collaborative Programs

1. University-wide Schemes

l Key Partnership Scheme

HUST works in close collaboration with identified key foreign partner colleges and universities on all levels in pursuit of activities across a wide range, including scientific research, student training, and faculty exchange, etc. These activities have, in turn, led to many strategic partnerships with schools both in China and abroad.

l Partner University Day

HUST and its partners regularly host University Days to celebrate our partnerships, with exchanges of delegations over one or two days. These consist of a variety of activities – including in-depth, high-level discussions, strategic dialogues, academic seminars, and other examples of academic cooperation between schools, departments and faculties.

l Academic & Research Forums

Well-known academic international experts are frequently invited to HUST for face-to-face communication with students. These are opportunities for them to share with students their personal opinions, research experiences, and academic insights about major international and cutting-edge topics. These events are intended to encourage students to continuously pursue both scientific truth and the beauty of the humanities.

2. Faculty Collaboration

l Joint Research Program

HUST offers needed financial assistance to its professors, staff, and jointly-run laboratories and research centers so as to support their cooperative scientific research ventures, and the collaborative training of graduate students.

l Faculty Training Program

Based on each partner’s specific needs, HUST and its partner colleges and universities formulate special training programs for one another’s staff as a way to broaden their vision, enhance their professionalism, and improve their working skills. Such programs can be conducted bilaterally.

l Visiting Fellow Program

HUST welcomes renowned foreign experts and outstanding scholars to visit us in Wuhan and collaborate with us on in-depth teaching and scientific research. Such activities will be financially supported by HUST.

3. Student Mobility Programs

l Discover at HUST

The Discover at HUST International Academic Workshop is a short-term study program designed by HUST for students from World-class universities. Normally presented in June and July, it combines Chinese language and culture learning with seminars, academic exchange and field trips, to present to international students an objective and authentic image of modern China. Topics include the Chinese economic development model, traditional Chinese medicine, artificial intelligence, and clean and renewable energy

l Student Exchange Program

This program offers HUST students the opportunity to study in partner colleges and universities, and to acquire class credits that can be applied to their HUST study. An exchange student’s term of study will usually last for either one semester or one academic year; such exchanges are usually reciprocal.

l Joint Degree Program

HUST’s agreements with its overseas partner colleges and universities generally allow HUST students to enter joint degree programs (with varying academic-year lengths, such as 2+2, 3+1+X, 1+1), as well as double doctoral programs. Such study must be in full accordance with the regulations of both schools. A student who successfully completes such a program has the option of obtaining one degree from one university or two degrees from both.

l Study Abroad Program

HUST students may also participate in courses and graduation project in partner colleges and universities through overseas learning programs and obtain corresponding credits. The study period is usually one semester or one academic year.

l Scientific Research Practice and Training Program

HUST students can work in labs or conduct research projects in overseas partner colleges, universities, and research institutions, or work as interns in HUST’s overseas partner enterprises.

l Short-term Programs during Winter and Summer Vacations

HUST students can enter short-term exchange programs for course learning and cultural exchange in partner colleges and universities during the winter and summer vacations. Such programs usually last for no more than three months.

l International Conferences & Competitions

HUST encourages its students to participate in international conferences and competitions.

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