President's Message

The world today is still facing the most serious infectious disease in a century, which is sweeping across the globe. A huge higher-education revolution is taking place in China and around the world. To cope with the new normal, HUST has initiated a major initiative to explore online education practices featuring large-scale, prolonged and multidisciplinary coverage across a wide spectrum of activities. The university is also encouraging its student and faculty members to continue engaging in international collaborations via cloud-based platforms, reaffirming our commitment to being closely connected in this global community and demonstrating our contribution to fighting against the pandemic.

The university traces its roots back to the start of New China, gained new grounds thanks to the reform and opening up, and has since progressed with our nation into this brave new era. Thanks to the solidarity and innovative spirit revealed by generations of faculty and students, today’s HUST has become, over its relatively short history, a “Double First-Class” university drawing admiring attention from schools both at home and abroad, and honored as “the epitome of China's development in higher education since the founding of the PRC”. For nearly 70 years, HUST has demonstrated remarkable achievements in developing and realizing its vision. Along the way it has trained and prepared huge numbers of high-quality graduates for a wide array of industries and areas of human endeavor, contributing significantly to the growth of higher education and technological innovation, as well as to social development, both for China and the world, too.

Likewise, HUST would not have traveled so far without the care and support of friends at home and abroad. International teachers and students from all over the world infuse vigor and vitality into the HUST campus, at the same time its partner institutions scattered around the world have expanded its circle of international friends. Our world today is undergoing the greatest change in a century, presenting both unprecedented risks and challenges amid a sea of development opportunities. However, we should always strive to strengthen and maintain amicable cooperation.

To our friends throughout China and around the world, please know that you are always welcome here at HUST, in Wuhan, this scenic campus with quality education programs and world-leading scientific research teams. Let us all join hands to create a brighter future for human society together.

Prof. You Zheng


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