Research-Industry Integration

Research and industry integration is an important aspect of HUST’s academic business strategy. The university serves industries by developing cooperative programs or by establishing Science Park, research institutes or industrial bases with local governments and industries within and beyond Hubei Province. This strategy not only directly contributes to local economic development, but also provides platforms for enabling technology transfer, thus extending the university’s influence across China.

HUST is famous for its success in encouraging and cultivating the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among its students, which explains the group and individual awards and championships that the university and its students have won in nation-wide innovation and entrepreneurship contests. Many of the winning projects have won support from both venture capital firms and industry. Some of the technologies developed and businesses started by HUST and its students have significantly influenced China and its development.

The university has 11 affiliated hospitals. Among them, Wuhan Union Hospital and Tongji Hospital are large modern comprehensive hospitals that integrate the functions of medical service, teaching, scientific research and training. As important medical centers serving Hubei Province and even South Central China, these hospitals have become recognized leaders in many critical medical areas, including organ transplantation, cardiovascular surgery, hematology, ENT, orthopedics, and urology.

Number of Affiliated Hospitals: 11

Total Beds: over 20,000

Annual Outpatient Visits: 20 Million+

Annual Inpatient Stays: 400,000+

Annual Surgical Procedures: 200,000+

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