HUST’s 2020 sports meeting held at central playground

Nov 7, 2020

HUST’s 2020 sports meeting took place on November 6th and 7th at central playground. Dozens of faculties and departments competed in 19 events resulting in the setting of several new records. Our correspondents were on the scene and captured the highlights.


Peng Zhicong from the School of Public Administration participated to try and break his senior's record, and received first place in the 110-meter-hurdles.


Xie Weixiang, a sophomore from the School of Public Administration who was admitted to HUST through the Student Athletes Recruitment Program, broke records both in shot put and medicine ball throwing. When interviewed, Xie Weixiang was quite relaxed about the event and his results, modestly saying “competitors are more or less on the same level, I think being calm is the most important thing”.


Having participated twice in the City Games in Tianjin, Guli jiannaijie, a freshman from the School of Energy and Power Engineering who hails from Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, received second and third place respectively in the 800-meter-race and 1500-meter-race.



Triathlon award ceremony


Team rope skipping


Three-legged race run by 15 people


Competitors ready for the 200-meter-race


Women’s long jump


Women's medicine ball throwing


Lap two in the 1000-meter race


Competition schedule of The First Clinical School

In adherence to Covid-19 prevention and control measures, all inessential personnel, except for the athletes and support staff, watched from the audience seats. Teachers and students were also requested to observe the orders of the venue.

Written by: Yutao Cao

Edited by: Andrew, Yumeng Peng

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