Notice on Schooling Period Extension Application for International Graduate Students

Apr 29, 2022

To International Graduate Students,        


For those who can’t complete their graduate study on time, please read this notice on schooling period extension application.

1. Applicant

International graduate students (including those who have already suspended their study) who are expected to graduate in June 2022 but cannot graduate before June 2022 for some reason, and are willing to continue their studies to complete their program, should apply for an extension of the study period.

2. Application Procedure

Students should finish the online application (in Smart HUST system) and upload the request letter (handwriting) as an attachment before May 10, 2022.The application should indicate the specific reason, and introduce the academic paper publication and the progress of the graduation thesis. After the online application completed, students can check the application status in the Smart HUST system.

3. Points for attention

a. Students must finish the online application before May 10, 2022. Late application will not be accepted.

b. Students whose application is approved by the university and tuition

fees has been paid on time, may continue to study in the university, get residence permit approval and enjoy other student rights. Otherwise, students shall leave China within the stipulated time of residence permit.

c. CSC scholarship students who do not apply for schooling period extension or whose application of schooling period extension has not been approved will not be eligible for the extension of CSC scholarship.

d. The notice is only about the schooling period extension, the decision will be made by HUST. The scholarship extension decision will be made by China Scholarship Council.


Ms. Coco (Main campus),

Mr. Tommy (Tongji campus),

Appendix: User’s Guide (online application for international students).pdf

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