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HUST holds an online meeting with Wayne State University

Dec 26, 2022

On December 15th, an online meeting was held between HUST and Wayne State University to discuss their future cooperation. Attendees included Chen Jianguo, Vice President of HUST, Ahmad Ezzeddine, Vice President of Wayne State University, Huajing Maske, Assistant Vice President of Wayne State University and other staff from Office of International Affairs of both universities. Chen Jie, Director of the Office of International Affairs of HUST, presided over the meeting.



Chen Jianguo delivered an opening speech. He mentioned that HUST and WSU had an online meeting in 2020 and the two sides agreed that we should continue our cooperation and partnership in the post-CI time. Two years have passed and today we met again which marks another turning point in our collaboration. HUST looks forward to working closely with WSU, to provide platforms for both of our students and scholars to engage in high-quality international activities, including “study abroad” program, cultural exchange program, collaborative research, with the aim of enhancing their mutual learning, jointly addressing global challenges, and improving the well-being of humankind.


Ahmad Ezzeddine highly praised the fast development of HUST and the solid friendship between the two universities. He emphasized that Wayne State University has never stopped moving forward, and its global ranking is on the rise continuously despite the impact of the pandemic. As a sound partnership has already been established in medicine and other fields, he hoped two universities should join hands in hands to explore new ways and new fields for cooperation, enhance our global impact and promote world sustainable development.


During the discussion, Chen Jie and Huajing Maske made overall introduction of the two universities respectively and proposed their cooperation initiatives. Chen Jie introduced HUST’s history, discipline strengths and the blueprints of the new campus. She mentioned that this year HUST has published its global strategy 2030 which outlines the university’s pathway to further open up to the outside world and collaborate with its global partners. She also put forward suggestions and expectations regarding how to deepen and expand cooperation between the two universities. Huajing Maske introduced the multicultural background of Detroit, as well as the schools, academic disciplines, the global ranking of WSU, graduate placement and major forms of cooperation with partner universities. Both sides agreed that while  Wuhan and Detroit, HUST and WSU share many common grounds, they can also be very complementary to each other. The two universities should strengthen cooperation in student exchange programs, internship and practice, people-to-people exchange and joint research, so as to achieve a win-win situation.


In the concluding remarks, Chen Jianguo said HUST values the long-standing friendship and partnership with WSU, and the past cooperation has been fruitful. Today the leadership from both sides have exchanged their ideas and proposed very good action plans for our future collaboration and it’s high time we execute the plans together. Ahmad Ezzeddine expressed his hope that the two universities should extend their cooperation in more areas, produce better outcomes and work together to deal with global challenges. Finally, he welcomed HUST team to visit WSU next year to have face to face communication with each other.



Written by: Zeng Zhen

Edited by: Meng Ziyun, Jiang Jing




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