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News | HUST and University of Birmingham sign agreement online to develop Joint Educational Programme

Mar 13, 2023

On the afternoon of March 1st, HUST met the University of Birmingham online to sign the collaborative agreement of an undergraduate dual degree programme combining the teaching of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences. With a profound friendship of 20 years, they also discussed prospective paths and directions for further cooperation.

Before the online signing ceremony, Prof. Li Yuanyuan, Chair of the University Committee, met with Mr. Dominic McAllister, British Consul General in Wuhan, and his delegation.


As Prof. Li mentioned in his welcome speech, HUST highly values the cooperation between British universities and scientific research institutions and has developed partnerships with more than 30 British universities. Moving forward, HUST will carry out more extensive and enhanced cooperation taking the Junshan International Campus under construction as an opportunity. We also hope that with the support of the British Consulate General in Wuhan, HUST can dock more cooperation projects with the UK and promote our educational and cultural exchanges with the UK in a comprehensive manner.


Prof. Li meeting with Mr. Dominic McAllister


Whereafter, the online signing ceremony of the collaborative agreement between HUST and the University of Birmingham on a joint educational programme officially began.


Li Yuanyuan, Chair of the University Committee of HUST, Chen Jianguo, Vice President of HUST, Adam Tickell, Vice Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, Jon Frampton, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (China) and Dominic McAllister, British Consul General in Wuhan, all attended the ceremony with relevant officials from Offices of International Affairs and medical schools of both universities.


Meeting venue at Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Meeting venue at the University of Birmingham


Prof. Li Yuanyuan stated: “The University of Birmingham has been one of our most valued partners in the UK since the establishment of our partnership in 2003. And in November 2021, we signed a Key Partnership Agreement, to maintain our pragmatic collaboration across a wide range of disciplines including engineering, economics, social sciences, and medicine, further strengthening our vision for development and mutual commitment.”


He also pointed out: “The signing of this collaborative agreement is another important milestone in our partnership. Hopefully, this Joint Educational Programme can be delivered at HUST’s new international campus as scheduled, underpinning our strategic goal of building a world-class university.”


Chair of the University Committee Li Yuanyuan addressing the ceremony


Adam Tickell, Vice Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, reviewed the substantial achievements two universities has completed in terms of scientific and research cooperation and talent cultivating during 20 years of strong, long lasting, and fruitful partnership between the two universities. Since the first substantive meeting about the Joint Educational Programme in medical fields of the two universities in 2019, both sides have made joint efforts and profound communication, leading to current signing of Collaborative Agreement. He also mentioned that this landmark agreement represents an exciting new era of expansion in collaborations between the two universities, which will create further opportunities in education, research, and exchange, adding considerably to our combined global reputation for excellence.

A Memorandum about the Joint Programme between the two universities signed on December 12th, 2019


Afterwards, Dr. Li Yan, Chair of the School Committee of HUST’s School of Pharmacy introduced the implementation plan and layout of the Joint Educational Programme. Two universities will leverage their professional advantages, further integrate curriculum system, optimize cultivating program and finally foster pharmaceutical scientists with professional innovation and competition of international level.


Dr. Li Yan, Chair of the School Committee of HUST’s School of Pharmacy introducing the implementation plan and layout of the Joint Educational Programme


During free discussion, vice presidents from both universities proposed initiatives and suggestions on future directions of the Joint Educational Programme.


Prof. Jon Frampton, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (China), considered the signing of the agreement a further expansion on medical cooperation between two universities. Continuous communication and improvement on the agreement are needed during the implementation of the programme. He hoped that this programme can be successfully delivered on the international campus of HUST, providing superior resources and support for students and assisting two universities in addressing global challenges together.


Prof. Chen Jianguo, Vice President of HUST said: “The signing of Joint Educational Programme builds a long-term, mechanical platform. On the other hand, it will be a typical example for powerful combination between two universities, cultivation of pharmaceutical talents and high-level interdisciplinary talents. I hope we can form new joint forces whereby and create more highlights and features on cultivation of medical talents, scientific research and social services.


Prof. Chris Tselepis, Head of the School for Biomedical Sciences of the University of Birmingham, expressed his appreciation for the invaluable support from both universities. He said: “I believe this exemplifies the strong partnership and trust that we have developed.” Ms. Zheng Yingyi, Director of UoB China Office conveyed her appreciation for relevant persons in charge of the Joint Educational Programme from both universities. She also expressed her expectation for further exchange and communication on the implementation of the programme and preparation for sustainable development of the programme when the visit of the delegation of HUST in the University of Birmingham in March.


Representative from UoB giving a speech


Subsequently, Collaborative Agreement of Joint Educational Programme for Undergraduates in Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences Major between Huazhong University of Science and Technology and University of Birmingham was signed, marking a new milestone of cooperation between two universities.


Heads of two universities signing collaborative agreement online


Mr. Dominic McAllister, British Consul-General in Wuhan, made closing remarks and extended sincere congratulation on the signing of the agreement and his pleasure to witness this moment. He mentioned that, medicine and education of Britain enjoy a unique and long history. He hoped that the joint programme between two universities could leverage advantages of Chinese and British education to foster more international talents with critical thinking and communication skills.


Mr. Dominic McAllister, British Consul General in Wuhan delivering a speech


At the end of the signing ceremony, presidents from both universities extended their wishes for smooth development of the programme, looking forward to future meetings.



The University of Birmingham was established in 1825 and was the first red brick university in the UK. It is also a world-class research university, a core member of the Russell Group, Midlands Innovation and University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study, and a founding member of U21. HUST firstly built official partnership with the University of Birmingham in 2003 and signed several cooperative agreements on scientific and research cooperation, establishment of united laboratory, exchange of students and joint education. In recent years, scholars from both universities have deepened their teaching and research cooperation in fields of materials, engineering, and biomedicine and so on, producing plentiful outcomes.


Written by: Yang Kunjie

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