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​Vice President of CityU Macau visits HUST

May 3, 2023

On April 23rd, Vice President of the City University of Macau (CityU of Macau), Mr. Ye Guiping, and his colleagues visited HUST. Chen Jianguo, Vice President of HUST met with the delegation.


Chen welcomed Ye Guiping and his colleagues. He briefly introduced the HUSTs "Global Development Strategy 2030" and relevant faculties and disciplines. He expressed the hope that the two universities strengthen academic exchange and achieve win-win results. Ye Guiping expressed his appreciation for the warm welcome from HUST. He introduced the disciplinary features of the CityU of Macau and expected the two universities to collaborate in scientific research and academic exchange in a variety of fields including disaster prevention, artificial intelligence and data science. He also proposed that the two universities jointly establish a national research center.

Afterwards, the delegation visited the School of Public Administration. Tan Shukui, Vice Dean of the School of Public Administration, introduced the schools overall situation. Professor She Shuo and Associate Professor Zeng Zhongping shared their academic achievements in public safety and disaster prevention respectively. Ye Guiping fully recognized the schools scientific research level and shared the CityU of Macau’s key research areas. He hoped to strengthen scientific cooperation with the School of Public Administration and invited young visiting scholars to visit the CityU of Macau for academic exchanges.


Thereafter, Du Zhizhang, the Vice President of the Institute of State Governance, warmly welcomed Ye Guiping and his colleagues. He hoped to further strengthen academic exchange and cooperation between the two universities. Ye Guiping thanked the Institute of State Governance for its support and hoped that the Institute and the Institute for Portuguese-speaking Countries of the CityU of Macau will continue to carry out cooperation and exchange.

Written by: Huang Siming

Edited by: Zhang Zhanyu, Chang Wen, Peng Yumeng

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