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2023 China-Europe Seminar on Human Rights held

Oct 9, 2023

Recently, 2023 China-Europe Seminar on Human Rights was held in Rome, Italy. The event focused on four topics related to modernization and the diversity of human rights among civilizations.



Professor Wang Xigen, President of the Institute for Human Rights Law of HUST and Dean of the HUST Law School, handed in the essay of China's Experience of Digital Development Rights in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Its World Significance. Wang mentioned that the breakthrough in digital technology has brought many new challenges. Thus, he highlighted the digital development rights, a new interdisciplinary concept that integrates digital technology and the right to develop.


Wang mentioned that in order to ensure that digital development rights are achieved, it is crucial to strengthen the economic foundation of shared digital development rights for all people. We must hold a belief that prioritizes people when regulating and guaranteeing digital development rights. In terms of the theoretic and practical aspects, China has developed its unique experience and approaches to share with the global community.


During the parallel session, Peng Yixuan, a PhD candidate from the Institute for Human Rights Law of HUST, delivered a speech titled “International Approaches and Chinese Experience in Safeguarding Human Rights on Internet Platforms”.



It is known that China-Europe Seminar on Human Rights was established in 2015 as an institutionalized academic platform for exchanging and collaborating on human rights between China and Europe. The event is co-hosted by China Society for Human Rights Studies and Sapienza University of Rome and organized by Human Rights Institute at SWUPL and China-Italy Economic and Cultural Exchange Center. About 130 representatives from China, Italy, Greece, England and other countries participated in the seminar through both online and offline means.




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