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13 Posts cited as Female Meritorious Demonstration Posts of HUST

Mar 10, 2022

Recently, following a series of recommendations and selections, 13 posts including the innovative communication team of legal culture were praised as the “Female Meritorious Demonstration Posts of HUST”, with 12 families including Zhong Gang from the affiliated Union Hospital cited as the “Outstanding Families of HUST”.

The following introduces a selection of the winners.

Innovative Communication Team of Legal culture, School of Law

With the assistance of the central media platform, the team from the School of Law were able to present their professional demeanor through content that focused on studying and sharing the values of the deep-rooted Chinese legal culture and how it serves China’s human rights story. Focusing on the promotion of educational effectiveness, the team built a well-rounded education system of legal personnel training and established online courses and general courses for students. Subsequently, they set up a program to strengthen awareness of the rule-of-law among HUST students and teachers. Professor Ke Lan of the team also creatively transformed academic research achievements and the essential contents of the course into video lectures launched on CCTV. Following the success of these efforts, the team has acquired a strong network influence and increased visibility and effectiveness in education practices.

Department of General Practice, University Hospital

Female staff members account for 83.3% of general practitioners at university hospital. Represented by Li Xiaonan, the Chief Physician, they have been playing an important role in clinical practice, medical care, and epidemic prevention and control.

General Practice receives about 100,000 outpatients on an annual basis, accounting for more than 1/3 of the total outpatient visits at the hospital. Moreover, the department also concerns itself with the health management of more than 3,000 elderly over 65 years old, 3,700 hypertension patients, and 1,200 diabetes patients primarily focusing on consultation regarding medication instruction, nutritional guidance, and others.

During the ongoing pandemic, the department continues to prepare itself well for emergency services and maintains a high level of care for chronic patients as well. General Practice provides 24-hour emergency services with more than 10 female doctors in the department working around the clock. As for chronic patients with limited access to medical help due to the pandemic, the doctors have utilized multiple online platforms to collect and review the medical requirements of the patients, and issue prescriptions, ensuring that chronic patients continue to receive their treatment in a timely fashion.

Female Staff of Art Education Center, School of Arts

The team actively combined aesthetic education with virtue and carried out a series of related activities that won them 2 national awards, 13 provincial awards, and the second prize for their accomplishments in university-level teaching.

In 2021, the team implemented 104 activities of aesthetic education and organized the teachers and students to launch more than 100 flash-mob activities in the library, Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO), and teaching buildings across the campus aiming to promote the well-rounded development of HUST students.

The team continues to incorporate aesthetic education within the entire process of talent training. The symphony orchestra and chorus they guided won many important prizes.

"Dongfeng-Tongji Cohort" scientific research demonstration, School of Public Health

The team established the Dongfeng-Tongji Cohort in Shiyan, Hubei Province in 2008, and conducted two follow-up visits in 2013 and 2018 respectively. It has a prospective population of nearly 50,000 people with detailed epidemiological data, biological samples, and multiple disease outcomes, and provides data based on native people in China to help achieve the goal of a "Healthy China".

The team has published more than 200 papers in SCI and domestic authoritative journals, providing Chinese local scientific evidence in terms of etiology, pathogenesis and prediction, and early warning of common chronic diseases. In addition, they have cultivated many elite talents and popularized health knowledge, consistently making a great contribution to the nation.

Management Department, School of Medicine and Health Management

Through past efforts, the female teachers of the Management department in the School of Medicine and Health Management have proven themselves not only as pioneers in scientific research, outstanding teachers in teaching practices, experts in elite think tanks, but also masters of sports and bosom friends of students.

As experts in areas including health care, rural health, drug policy, elderly health, and hospital management, they have established national and provincial academic exchange and scientific research platforms, achieved fruitful results in discipline construction and scientific research, and have actively participated in the practice of “Health China” establishment. As competent teachers, they have strengthened the students' sense of responsibility and led students with more determination to pursue the “Health China” project. As pioneers playing a leading role in national health management, they edited many national textbooks and eagerly sought to promote the reform in teaching.

During the epidemic prevention and control, they submitted several valuable advisory reports to relevant authorities and participated in the construction of anti-epidemic management manuals and platforms, and by holding the "International Symposium on Major Epidemic Prevention and Control Strategies", they have asserted themselves as leaders in their field publicizing knowledge related to the epidemic through the media.

Written by: Zhang Zhanyu, Gong Jiarui

Edited by: Cao Yutao, Andrew, Jiang Jing

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