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Background music played in canteens

Oct 31, 2021

Since Oct. 8th, music has been played in canteens during lunch hours, with delightful melodies echoing around the buildings.

In order to create a cozy dining ambiance, under the guidance of Logistics Groupsound equipment was added in seven different canteens, such as Baijingyuan, Xiyi, Dongyi, Yunyuan.  


After communicating with the School of Arts, canteens adopted soft music from over 100 world famous musicians to mask the noise, so that teachers and students can relax during meals.


Meanwhile, a large number of note cards with introductions of the famous pieces were placed on tables so that teachers and students can better appreciate the music and improve their musical literacy.

Written by: Cheng Yifang

Edited by: Ye Jingyi, Scott, Peng Yumeng

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