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Reunion dinner held for students staying on campus during Spring Festival

Jan 18, 2023


On January 14th, the traditional Chinese Little New Year, President You Zheng and Vice Chair of the University Committee Ma Jianhui enjoyed a reunion dinner with the students staying on campus during the winter break in the Baijingyuan canteen to ring in the New Year.



On behalf of the university, You Zheng and Ma Jianhui extended their hearty greetings to these students staying on campus during the Spring Festival and presented them New Year's gifts, including canteen meal tickets.



You pointed out that 2022 was a difficult year, but also an important period of time for the development of the university. After a brief review of HUST’s achievements in talent training and scientific research and campus building, he hoped that HUSTers could further work together for a better HUST in the new year and he wished everyone a prosperous and promising 2023.


The students present expressed their gratitude for the wonderful and warm service provided by the university. They said that although they could not go home and reunite with their families, they felt moved and touched because of these thoughtful arrangements.




Written by: Yu Shiyun

Edited by: Lei Yujie, Peng Yumeng



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