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“Zuiwan Pavilion” Instrumental Music Concert returns after three-year break

Jun 26, 2023

On the evening of June 15th, a graduation celebration took place at the Zuiwan Pavilion, featuring a captivating performance. Accompanied by beautiful music, the graduating class of 2023 bade farewell to HUST.

The “Zuiwan Pavilion” Instrumental Music Concert is considered as a prominent program of HUST’s cultural festival. It began in 1994 and features instrumental performances. Over time, it has become a highly refined event that contributes to the university’s cultural scene. The concert has received acclaim and recognition, attracting media coverage. With 23 successful sessions under its belt, the concert recently returned after a three-year break to celebrate the graduation of the class of 2023 at Mirror Lake.


Fine view of Zuiwan Pavilion


Riddle guessing and prize competition of handicrafts





Chinese vertical flute and drum performance





Other genres of music performance




Audience immersed in brilliant performance




Written by: Gong Jiarui

Edited by: Chang Wen, Peng Yumeng

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