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"Sounds of Forest": 2024 New Year's Concert dazzles HUST

Jan 5, 2024

On the evening of December 23, the 2024 “Sounds of Forest” New Year’s Concert, one of HUST’s cultural brands, took place at the Optics Valley Stadium. This was the first New Year’s concert held on campus, attracting more than 4,000 people. Zhang Guangjun, Chair of the University Committee, Zhan Yiqing, Vice President of HUST, Xie Zhengxue, Vice Chair of the University Committee, and Cheng Shijie, academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended the gala.

The opening video 24 Hours in HUST kicked off the concert, charming the audience with beautiful sights and joyous life on campus.

Dancing and singing mingled; youth and passion echoed. The first chapter Youth in Motion, a brilliant and dynamic showcase of HUSTers’ vitality, kindled the enthusiasm of the audience.







From traditional Chinese martial arts involving swords, spears and staffs to melodious singing and radiant dancing, diverse performances converged to celebrate the coming New Year.

The second chapter Sounds of Forest captivated the audience with sublime elegance. Directed by Shen Cheng, Dean of the School of Arts, and conducted by famed conductor Yang Youqing, Art Education Advisor of HUST and professor at the China Conservatory of Music, the chapter delivered a stunning interpretation of both Chinese and foreign masterpieces performed by renowned artists, HUST Symphony Orchestra and HUST Choir.


Ding Yi, Principle Tenor of Sydney Opera House, professor at the China Conservatory of Music and member of the Arts Committee of the School of Arts of HUST, performed his representative song Gratitude and the world-famous piece ‘O sole mio.


Coloratura singer Wu Bixia, professor at the China Conservatory of Music and distinguished professor at the School of Arts of HUST, showcased Chile Song with her beautiful voice, presenting the magnificent scenery of northern Xinjiang to the audience.






The vast land of China has given birth to abundant excellent musical works. The concert guided the audience to the realm of wonderful Chinese folk music, leaving them in awe of the profoundness and uniqueness of Chinese musical arts.




Cancan, The Second Waltz, Carmen, Farandole... Several foreign classic melodies were also performed at the concert, offering the audience a feast for the ears.


Everyone was captivated by the performances.


As a fitting conclusion to the concert, all the people present sang the HUST anthem together, drawing the concert to a remarkable close.


The cast and the audience were overwhelmed with joy at the auditory feast, which would be kept in mind for a long time to come.

Written by: Jiang Lexue

Edited by: Zhang Mingyue, Chang Wen, Peng Yumeng

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