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Zhang Jingyu, a rising star of entrepreneurship

Dec 30, 2022


Zhang Jingyu is a master's degree candidate of China-EU Institute of Clean and Renewable Energy (ICARE) admitted in 2022. He is also the CEO of Sigwell Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. He won the Gold Award in the “China International College Students’ ‘Internet+’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” final, the First Prize in the “Challenge Cup National Undergraduate Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition”, “The Star of Self-improvement”, and “Changjiang Student” of Hubei Province.


When Zhang Jingyu just entered the university, with his interest in professional learning and love for scientific and technological innovation, he created a scientific research team independently. Aiming at the problems of low efficiency and poor accuracy of traditional welding equipment, he applied laser technology to microelectronic assembly and started the research and development of laser soldering technique. He led the team to work hard in the laboratory, focusing on the research and development of laser micro-temperature control technology for four years. From mechanical platforms to interactive software, from optical lenses to a hardware circuit, the team completed the R&D and design independently. Now his products have been able to achieve a laser temperature controllable within ±2℃ and can weld the minimum 80μm welding spot -. His products have reached the advanced level of the industry and solved the bottleneck problem. His team has signed sales contracts with several enterprises. It is estimated that his company's turnover will exceed 5 million yuan in 2022.

From "scientific and technological innovation" to "innovation and entrepreneurship", Zhang Jingyu felt the charm of the road to scientific and technological innovation. He thought that the experience of scientific and technological innovation was very valuable for every student. He wanted to share his experience with every college student. Therefore, Zhang Jingyu initiated the establishment of a scientific and technological innovation center, committed to building a scientific and technological innovation team of college students with strong influence and technical strength. Everyone around who love scientific research and innovation may join in and feel the charm of scientific and technological innovation. So far, the center has been established for more than two years. It has attracted more than 600 students to join the ranks of science and technology innovation, won more than 60 provincial and ministerial level and national level awards, and achieved very significant innovation results.


In October 2021, Zhang Jingyu and members of the scientific innovation team came to Ezhou, bringing a close science popularization activity with the theme of “Add Wings of Science and Technology to Dreams” to the general public and students, in which the children showed their novelty and enthusiasm for science and technology. Zhang Jingyu said: "Through this activity, we hope to bring children an immersive experience of science and technology, cultivate their interest in science and technology, and sprout the 'seed' of exploration and innovation awareness in their hearts, "


In July 2019, Zhang Jingyu participated in the summer social practice activity. He went to Laifeng County, Enshi Prefecture to learn "Zhang Fuqing's exemplary spirit" on the spot, and carried out a major investigation on rural poverty alleviation in western Hubei in Shiqiao Village, Sanhu Township, Enshi, where Zhang Fuqing once worked. In the whole investigation activity, the team published 17 articles which were read more than 2.3 million times. The research report written by the team was rated as one of the "One Hundred Excellent Research Reports" nationwide, which made the team win the title of "Excellent Practice Team" at the provincial level.


Zhang Jingyu participated in many social practice activities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zhang Jingyu actively joined the team of volunteers and assisted medical workers in nucleic acid testing, vaccination, and other services. After learning that Yichang had a large number of unsalable agricultural products, he immediately cooperated with the members of the scientific and technological innovation center to carry out online sales, and finally successfully helped Zigui County, Yichang sell more than 10,000 kg of navel oranges.

Messages from Mr. Zhang Jingyu:

1. Fully mobilize the team, seek a project, and do not wait for it.

2. Finish what you start. There is no quick success, and everyone should actively participate in the project.

3. You can start from scratch, but not end in vain. Be truthful to yourself and others.



Source: China-EU Institute of Clean and Renewable Energy


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