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Advanced Materials publishes the special issue: 70th Anniversary of HUST

Jan 9, 2023

On December 28, Advanced Materials published a special issue to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) and its School of Materials Science and Engineering. Prof. Zhai Tianyou and Prof. Zhou Huamin from the School of Materials Science and Engineering serve as the guest editors.

Advanced Materials is one of the most influential international academic journals in the field of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), published by Wiley-VCH in Germany. This special issue presents 23 Reviews and one Perspective within the various research fields of MSE. In the area of electronic and optoelectronic materials, Zhai Tianyou and co-workers introduce the development of key nanopatterning technologies of 2D materials for integrated electronic and optoelectronic devices; Tang Jiang and co-workers write about the light emission of self-trapped excitons in metal halides; Huang Yong'an and co-workers provide key understanding of the flexible metamaterial electronics from enhancing to innovating physical functionalities; Gao Yihua and co-workers summarize the application of MXenes in pressure sensing. In the area of energy storage materials, Huang Yunhui and co-workers give a review of the recent progress and future perspective in building safe Lithium batteries with high-voltage cathodes; Feng Guang and co-workers give an important introduction of the conductive MOFs for supercapacitors; Wang Chengliang and co-workers summarize the fundamentals and perspectives of organic electrodes for rechargeable multivalent metal-ion batteries; Li Huiqiao and co-workers comment on the dynamic investigation of battery materials via advanced visualization; Hu Xianluo and co-workers review the advances in safe Lithium/Sodium batteries using ionogel-based membranes. In the area of energy conversion and catalysis materials, Han Hongwei and co-workers introduce the crystallization of halide perovskites; Xia Baoyu and co-workers write about the corrosion chemistry of electrocatalysts; Li Qing and co-workers summarize the effective approaches to stabilizing M–N–C PGM-free cathodes for proton-exchange-membrane fuel cells; Liu Youwen and co-workers introduce the structural reconstruction of catalysts in electroreduction reaction. In the area of functional soft materials; Xie Xiaolin and co-workers review the advances in thermal conductive polymer composites as underfill materials for electronic packaging; Lu Xing and co-workers summarize the supramolecular engineering of fullerene micro-/nanoarchitectures; Xu Ming and co-workers give a review of the structural design and fabrication of multifunctional nanocarbon materials applied in extreme environments. In the area of bio/medical materials, Liu Bifeng and co-workers introduce the intelligent Micro/nanorobot for cancer theragnostic; Tao Guangming and co-workers provide a future perspective on medical intelligent fabric agents; Zhu Jintao and co-workers review the fabrication and emerging applications of bioinspired colloidal photonic nanocomposites; Yang Xiangliang and co-workers discuss the extracellular-vesicles-based drug delivery systems in modulating the cancer-immunity cycle. In the area of advanced materials manufacturing and processing, Ding Han and co-workers review the fabrication and functionalities integration technologies for small-scale soft robots; Zhou Huamin and co-workers introduce the polymer micro-nano processing for industrial applications; Shi Yusheng and co-workers summarize the recent advances in high-performance polyaryletherketone materials for additive manufacturing; Wang Xinyun and co-workers discuss the oxidation of metallic glasses in terms of mechanisms and applications.

The Materials Science and Engineering disciplines in HUST have ranked among the ESI top 1‰. The global rankings of HUST’s MSE disciplines in ESI, US News and ARWU are No.23, No.28 and No.21 respectively. The School of Materials Science and Engineering, which is in charge of developing important MSE disciplines listed in the national “211 Project”, “985 Project”, and the national “Double First-Class” initiative, has made great strides in talent cultivation, with the addition of an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, nine national leading talents and 13 national young talents, as well as four National Awards for Science and Technology Progress in the past five years.

With the theme of “Forging ahead for 70 years, strengthening the country with materials science in the new era”, the School of Materials Science and Engineering celebrated the 70th anniversary of HUST as well as the School by adhering to the concept of an academic celebration. This special issue of Advanced Materials is one of the academic activities for the School’s anniversary event. The School will also carry out academic exchange activities such as the academic frontier forum and alumni presentation.

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