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Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center Achieves the Post-Assembly Magnetization of the World’s Largest Wind Generator

Oct 16, 2023

On September 29th, the Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center’s engineering technology team from Huazhong University of Science and Technology successfully achieved the post-assembly magnetization of the world’s largest wind generator, becoming the only team in the world that is able to achieve post-assembly magnetization and demagnetization of all permanent magnet megawatt-level wind generator. This signals a breakthrough in advancing the high-quality development of China’s green manufacturing of wind power.


HUST’s post-assembly magnetization team in CRRC Yongji Electric’s production workshop

The research team creatively proposed the method of “Nonmagnetic Assembly-post-assembly Magnetization” for large permanent magnet wind generator. This method has been successfully applied in numerous companies including Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Group., and CRRC Yongji Electric Co., Ltd. The method not only improves the electrical and mechanical performance of permanent magnet wind generator, but also enhances production efficiency and safety while reducing costs.

Professor Li Liang carries out related scientific experiments at the Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center

Besides achieving fast magnetization, the technology also has the ability to quickly demagnetize with low energy consumption. According to data from the National Energy Administration, by the end of June this year, the total installed capacity of wind generators in China will reach 389 million kilowatts. This technology also has extensive and broad application prospects in the green remanufacturing of retired permanent magnet wind generators.

Written by: Jiang Lexue

Edited by: Yu Shiyun, Chang Wen, Peng Yumeng


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