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"Welcome Spring" concert successfully held

Feb 21, 2023




On the evening of Feburary17th, "Welcome Spring", a special concert hosted by School of Arts and led by one of its teachers, Zhang Yitao, was successfully held in the Studio Hall of the School of Journalism and Information Communication.





At 7:00 pm, the "General's Command", performed by yangqin teacher Chen Yanjun and percussion teacher Zhang Luyao, started the concert, presenting the magnificent picture of ancient generals and soldiers galloping across the battlefield.





Then, the "Orchid Pavilion Preface" brought the audience back to the Wei and Jin dynasties. Erhu teacher Zhang Yitao and piano teacher Guo Xiaoyu gave a new interpretation of this love-themed pop song with Chinese style, and their "Rain in Jiangnan" offered a portrait of the water town in the drizzling rain.




Following the above performances, two original pieces were shown to the audience. One is Zhang Yitao's "The World Is Like a Dream", expressing the nostalgia for the past and the lament for the changing world. The other is Chen Yanjun's "Nine Songs", commemorating the ancient Chinese poet Qu Yuan in a solemn tune.





The "Rain" embodied the Chinese romantic style in the ensemble of Chinese and Western instruments, during which music transcended national boundaries and healed the audience’s hearts, and the "Falling Flowers - Night" showed the author's pain at a low ebb and reluctance to submit to fate.




The last three pieces of music had regional characteristics. The "Sorrow of the River", a piece of folk music of Northeast China, told the twists and turns of life; the "Dance in the Desert" showed the typical customs in the Silk Road; the "Ballad of North Henan Province" presented the laboring people's desire for freedom and their optimism.



After ten pieces of music were performed, the audience was still immersed in the music and refused to leave. In response to their enthusiastic call for another performance, three teachers, Zhang Yitao, Chen Yanjun and Guo Xiaoyu, played the "Horse Race", bringing the atmosphere to another climax.



At the end of this show, the audience came up to the stage to have talks and group photos taken with these teachers, bringing the concert to a successful close.



Written by: Yu Shiyun

Edited by: Lei Yujie, Peng Yumeng

Source: Aesthetic Education at HUST



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