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Ready for new semester!

Feb 15, 2023

With the winter vacation coming to an end, HUST welcomes its students back with safe and tidy environment and warm service. Related departments have taken actions in advance to provide favorable conditions for the students’ study and life. Let’s have a look!


Guarantee teaching in an all-around way

All the equipment of multimedia classrooms and smart classrooms at the Modern Technology Education Center has been checked and some of them upgraded to ensure their functionality. Cleaners have also tidied up and disinfected the teaching buildings to create a clean environment for the teachers and students.

Examine and repair equipment





Teachers from the Center for Practice Innovations have inspected the intelligent manufacturing production lines and tested the machining center to make sure all the facilities are in good condition for the new term.


Ensure food safety and hygiene


The Catering Service Center has disinfected canteens and tableware, and strictly examined the food supply to create a safe environment for the teachers and students.


Beautify campus environment


The Property Service Center cleaned the main roads thoroughly, cut dead branches and weeds, and fertilized the soil, through which the campus will take on a new look.


Clean up the apartments




The Property Service Center has also overhauled and fixed the equipment in students’ apartments and carefully disinfected public areas.


Protect the safety of teachers and students




With students coming back, school transportation will face great pressure. The Security Department kept up with the new changes and trained the staff to proactively serve all the teachers and students. As for the fire precaution, HUST has inspected and tested all the Internet-connected extinguishing equipment in the teaching buildings and students’ apartments during winter vacation to ensure the system will work efficiently.

Overhaul water and electricity supply on time




The Public Affairs Center has examined and repaired the electricity supply equipment and circuits so that they can work well in the new term. They have also improved the water supply system and tested water quality to ensure water safety.

Ensure plentiful material supply




Trading and marketing head companies have done the cleaning actively and checked up on the commodities in advance. They have stocked various life supplies to meet the teachers’ and students’ needs.


Written by: Yang Xiyan

Edited by: Zhang Zhanyu, Chang Wen, Peng Yumeng



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